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Life Lab Living Way of Frugality Sharing Co-manifestation



A person of true vision is not easy to find; they are not born everywhere. Wherever such a sage is born, the people there prosper .....One should follow the good and wise, as the moon follows the path of the stars. 
~ Buddha


Majority (Mediocrity) Way:  The Majority habitually practices struggling, arguing, debating, vying, fighting, competing, battling to make bigger income or get rich by and through MMMOMMCHH (managing, manipulating, motivating others for money, material, celebrity hunting, holding, and hoarding).

Self-condemnation: Mediocrity mental culture of bimetapolarity TTT karmic boomerang keep us oppressing, tormenting, overheating each other, in order to suffer loneliness, stress, stress-related ailing, and shortage of leverage love, co-innovative partners and successors, and
perpetual NASDAQ, getting cage in bimetapolarity life traps to get old broke and die poor.
(See The Millionairs Next Door by Thomas Stanley & William D. Dangko).


And, the whole life gets caged in ever-increasing surroundings of dependants and workloads  - just to earn and spend money, time, energy, and mentality exemplifying mediocrity sinking life of leadership on The Road of Death.

Mediocrities can rise to the highest, and fall. ~ Bhagavad-Gita

Not Destiny: Truth is mediocrity pathway is bimetapolarity-canopied under Heaven-mandated Wisdom-test Game Plan I.  It's just the pass way, not destiny, of life.   Bimetapolarity on plutocratic capitalsm is lower-platform spirituality > mentality > humanity maturity -- fluctuating and fall perpetually in all areas of life -- and teaching, manipulating, managing, motivating, luring others to duplicate.

Beware of message from a crook, it will make you make others in trouble. ~ Mohammad

Minority (Divinity) Way: 
We are all mandated to trespass mediocrity way looking for the way out (mentexodus) to live trimetapolarity on frugality sharing co-manifestation, plaing Heaven Mandated Wisdom-test Game Plan II on paradisiacal walkway.    

This is not message to encourage you to hate/ leave your boss or quit you job.  
It is naturally mandated for everybody to transcend further on minority connections of parallel trimetapolarity being <> doing <> doing with the having (check it out for the details by yourself).  

Moses didn't destroy Egypt or ruin Pharaoh's status


BJM Mentexodus Club is a total constructive relearning clubs to co-innovate bridges in (following a Josef connections) and out (following a Moses connections) of any Egypt in peace and benefitting all, for next generations, generation by generation of voluntary relearners, rich or poor, to float life transcendentally together spiritually, mentally, physically, socially, economically. 

The smoother the bridging, the easier and happier for individual, family, organization, and state leaders to live leisurely ever-growing and lasting.


This club belongs to, and exists for, the minority of the minority and smallest fractions of young-generations seeking mentexodus trespassing/ bypassing mediocrity pathway by and through relearning to live loving, giving, sharing, leveraging each other among relearners and to others in the surroundings.
Life gets troubles because we dwell too long with mediocrities. ~ Ralph Peterson

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