RN-BSN Program Information

Check this site for Information for Summer 2006 !!

Updated: 4/3/06

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Collapse node1. Summer Information: Check N3202i for proposed courses each student will be registered for!

        1.1. General Summer 2006 Information (Important semester dates, orientation info, bill info, etc) (File: Undergrad_RN-BSN/RN_BSN_SummerSchedule2006 MM.htm)

        1.2. Textbooks for RN-BSN summer courses (File: Undergrad_RN-BSN/Spring2006Info/Textbooks_Summer06.htm)

        1.3. Challenge Exam Info for NUR4993i: Health Apraisal & Promotion for the Individual & Family (File: Undergrad_RN-BSN/4993ChallengeExamInfoFall05.htm)

Collapse node2. Elective Information Ay 2006-2007

        2.1. RN-BSN students are required to complete only ONE (3 credits) Elective

        2.2. Summer 2006 Elective Instructions (File: Undergraduate electives_2006_Summer/SUMMER2006_Elective_Instructions_GB.htm)

        2.3. Summer 2006 Elective Offerings (File: Undergraduate electives_2006_Summer/Summer2006_Elective List.htm)

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Questions about registration or program program progression?
Please contact Marguerite Murphy, Coordinator, RN-BSN Program
Office:  770-358-5304 //EMail: mmurphy@mcg.edu