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About Me:
User Name Achilles
Level of Education College Sophomore
About Me I am currently attending College of the Desert. I will be transferring in the summer to continue my education (UCLA!). My major is English/English Literature. I have completed all english classes with a Grade of "A" and currently have a 3.8 GPA. I want to tutor you!
Teaching Experience No teaching experience yet, but I do plan to obtain my Masters and teach at the college level one day.
Related Experience I work with my peers to help them understand English. I am a tutor for my college and work with all types of people that attend the school.
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Category Subject Type Description
English English/English Literature Tutor view

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Areas Served:

  I can travel up to 15 miles from zipcode 92211.

Notes I would like to tutor anyone willing to learn how to properly write and/or understand English and/or English Literature. I know I can help you or your son/daughter understand english and or interpret any english literature they might read.
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Hourly Fee:

Fee $10.00
Notes I am always open to negotiation.
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