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Kelly Barker's E-Portfolio

Service Activity

In my Fall 2008 semester, I volunteered a total of 8 hours at the Adult Activity Care Center in Murfreesboro, TN.  The Adult Activity Care Center is a facility for mentally disabled adults over the age of 22.  At the center, the clients are able to socialize with others, as well as, learn certain vocational skills that can help prepare them for a future job.  For my clinical, I had to write a journal explaining my experience at the Adult Activity Care Center.



Service Learning Project Journal
            I spent my Service Learning Project clinical hours at the Adult Activity Care Center in Murfreesboro. Before the clinical, I had absolutely no knowledge of what went on at the facility; I had never even heard of it before. When I first showed up, I filled out some paperwork and watched a short video about the facility. I learned that the Adult Activity Care Center is for mentally disabled adults over the age of 22. The facility currently had room for 115 adults and they have a long waiting list. At the center, the clients are taught different skills, specifically vocational skills. With these skills, they are able to work part or full time and earn money. After a quick tour, I had a chance to spend some time with the clients in the main room. I really enjoyed talking and interacting with everyone. 
            The head of social services gave me a project to complete for the day. My project was to pick two different clients and look through their charts at different information. Specifically, she wanted me to see if the diagnoses were consistent in various places throughout the chart and if they were correct. She also wanted me to look at various office visits, such as with their primary care physician, and see what the recommendations were at their last appointment, if those recommendations were followed, and if they were up to date on the visits. I also had to do that with all their specialty physician visits. I had to document all of my findings and present them to the specific case workers of those patients. I made suggestions of things they could work on, such as making sure the diagnoses are correct throughout the chart. I also emphasized that education is extremely important with these clients and even more with the families. I noticed that many families were not keeping up with physician visits, blood draws, and other things. I explained that if the family was more educated on specific diseases and tests, then they may be more likely to follow throughout with some of the visits.
            Overall, my day at the Adult Activity Care Center was great. I walked into the facility not knowing anything about it, but walked out with a sense of happiness and joy. I think the program is absolutely wonderful. Just because someone has a mental disability does not mean they should just be left at home to do nothing. At the facility, they are able to learn real life skills that they can apply to a job.