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Instructional Planning

Here is a sample of the lesson plan I used while doing my Junior Achievement.  It incorporates my planning with the Junior acievements suggestions for the lesson.
Lesson Plan
Business Resources
Grade Level:     5th
Subject:             Business Resources
Duration:           45 minutes


Students should learn about the importance of resources to a business, particularly human resources.



To discover the factors that influence ones ability to obtain work and to practice interviewing skills.



1.    Identify resources as natural, human and capital.

2.    List qualities employers look for in their employees

3.    Recognize the steps necessary to get a job

4.    Compare and contrast a good interview and a bad interview



32 business cards

Sample job applications


Review the previous activity by discussing how businesses are organized. With the students help, think of the names of some businesses in our area. Define the four types of resources and explain that the most important decision of a company is its resources. Have the students complete the career interest inventory in their workbook. Explain how people find jobs. With the teacher complete a mock interview. Then choose a couple of students to do an interview on. 



·        Natural Resources are gifts of nature, like water, minerals and trees.

·        Human Resources are people. People perform the work/labor that a business needs.

·        Capital Resources combine natural and human resources and are used to make other things. The might be the building, tools, desks, or computers needed to do the work to make the product.

·        Entrepreneurship is the imagination, innovative thinking and skills needed to start and operate a business. Entrepreneurs could be sole proprietors, partners, and even corporate leaders. They are people who take a risk to create anew product or to develop a better way to operate a business.



Ask the students questions to make sure they understand. Some examples are: Are all human resources alike? How are they different? What skills, abilities, and interests do you have that businesses might want?

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