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I am currently doing the Junior Achievement program in a 5th grade class at Jackson Elementary School. I go to the school every Monday and spend 45 minutes with the class teaching them about businesses and the way they are run. The first day I taught them about sole-proprietors, partnerships and corporations. We had a game where I picked a student to be the owner and then they hired employees for their shop. After one shop had all of its employees, one of the employees of the first shop put in money with the first owner and they formed a partnership. Then they formed a corporation. After we played the game they read about businesses in today’s societies and then answered some questions.
In 2002 I was an assistant leader for my daughters Girl Scout troop. We did many exciting things from working on their badges to doing Girl Scout cookie sales. Some of the badges we worked on were Math Wiz- where they learned many different types of math problems and played many games to figure out the problems. They did a cooking badge where they had to learn how to read a recipe and then they had to make some nutritious snacks to bring to the meetings. We also worked on a badge about cars and how to check the fluids and keep them running properly.

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