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Finished Opening for 24-Inch Bifold Door

Finished Opening for 24-Inch Bifold Door

A bifold door is a type of door that has a couple of sections that fold into one aspect of the door frame to shut and open and do now not swing in or out. These variety of door diagram appeals to room preparations having a giant window established however with constrained house for a door to swing open, such as on a balcony or a patio.

Bifold doorways can be set up inner or backyard your home, as a gateway to your backyard or conservatory, or even as a way to cut up a large room barring dropping out on that experience of space. So in phrases of flexibility, there genuinely is no higher alternative!

What Size of Opening Do Bi-Fold Doors Fit?

The off-the-shelf bi-folds you’ll discover in hardware shops and different comparable stores are manufactured to be hooked up into a unique dimension of opening. This capability you both want to create an opening to in shape your chosen door, or discover a door that matches your current opening.

Custom bi-fold doorways are made to order and can be manufactured to healthy truly any dimension of opening. There are minimal and maximum widths and heights to consider, however in any other case you’ll come across few measurement restrictions.


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How Do Bifold Doors Work?

Bifolds are bought in pairs, with two doorways that fold on one facet or 4 components in the center with two doorways that fold lower back on each sides. Other configurations are additionally available. They can generally open in or out and have the fittings and monitoring already installed.

These doorways are related through hinges, and the curler tracks will be on the top, backside or in each places. They are regarded for being handy and convenient to use. It is essential to be cautious in no way to pressure them, as they can come off their tracks. When purchasing, you will want to be in a position to decide their opening measurement to make certain they in shape in your home.

Sizing a Bifold Door Rough Opening with a Door Jamb Opening

For instance a four-foot huge (48”) with the aid of six feet, eight inches excessive (80”) Bifold set of doors, would require a hard opening width of 50 inches and a peak of eighty two inches.
This sized completed opening for a bifold door will enable for both a doorjamb package to be set up or for ¾” thick choose lumber to be used to create the completed doorjamb.


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What Is the Rough Opening for a Bifold Door?

A 36” x 80” bifold door will use a difficult opening of about 38” x eighty two ” to fit. Always take note to rectangular up your door earlier than you nail the body in area to guarantee it will shut properly.


The hard opening for a bifold door body need to be 2″ wider and 2″ taller than genuine door dimension (width and height). So, the tough opening for a 30 inch bifold door must be 32 inches wide. Rough opening peak of bifold door ought to be 2″ greater than genuine height. Rough openings for bifold doorways ought to enable sufficient house for hardware, drywall and jambs.

What Are the Standard Bi-Fold Door Sizes?

All personalized bi-fold doorways are made to measure and designed to in shape a precise dimension of opening. However, a “standard” three-door set of bi-folds would be between:

  • 80 and ninety six inches in height
  • 70 and ninety six inches in width

The Standard Size of Bifold Doors

Bifold doorways come in a range of sizes, however the most frequent dimension is eighty inches by way of 36 inches (single or double panel opening from the left or right).

This dimension will healthy most trendy openings and will furnish masses of house for humans to come and go. Other frequent door sizes encompass seventy two inches through 36 inches and ninety six inches by using 36 inches.

For widths above 36” and up to 72”, 4 panels will be needed, one on every side.


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How to Measure Your Door?

To examine if your door is a trendy size, you will want to measure. Begin by using measuring the peak and then the width. Then, measure the thickness – or depth – of the door. It's additionally vital to measure the width of your door jamb as nicely as the top and width of your frame. (These measurements do now not consist of the trim round your door.) You might also additionally be requested to grant a "rough-in" size for your new door. This certainly potential including an greater two inches to the width of your door and an more two inches to the peak of your doorway opening.

Possible Bifold Door Configurations

When it comes to bifold doors, the subsequent most frequent query after "what measurement bifold door do I need?" is "what fashion do I need?"


  • 2 panels: This is the most simple configuration and consists of two door panels that fold in the middle.
  • 3 panels: This is accessible in two variations. Panels can both all cross in the equal way or one panel can be hinged as an get right of entry to leaf.
  • 4 panels: All panels can slide one way simply like in the two or 3-panel configuration, or you can pick out the French configuration.
  • 5 panels: All the panels can slide in one path or you can pick out to slide some one way and the rest, the different way. You can additionally have 4 sliding panels and one get right of entry to leaf.
  • 6 panels: The identical as four-panel doors, however with one extra pane at every end. You can additionally pick to have some slide one way and others, in the contrary direction.
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