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iRubric: Basketball dribbling rubric

iRubric: Basketball dribbling rubric

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Basketball dribbling 
Rubric Code: Z2X3BA2
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Type: Assessment  
Grade Levels: K-5

Powered by iRubric K-5 dribbling basketball
  Needs Work (-)

1 pts

Developing (<)

2 pts

Proficent (+)

3 pts

use of fingertips

Needs Work (-)

slaps ball
Developing (<)

uses a combination of fingertips and palm
Usually uses fingertips, but occassionally uses the palm of hand
Proficent (+)

Uses the fingertips exclusively
Knees bent

Needs Work (-)

stands upright
Developing (<)

knees slightly bent
knees bent, but occassionally standing up
Proficent (+)

Knees bent all of the time while dribbling
ball kept below the waist

Needs Work (-)

Ball is dribbled up high
Developing (<)

ball is dribbled erratically
ball is dribbled below waist with occassional episodes above the waist
Proficent (+)

ball is dribbled below the waist
Keep head up while dribbling

Needs Work (-)

Student is looking at the ball.
Developing (<)

Students head is down looking at the ball most of the time.Students head is up, most of the time not looking at the ball while dribbling.
Proficent (+)

Students head is up all the time.

  • Basketball dribbling

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