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iRubric: French Children's Book Project rubric

iRubric: French Children's Book Project rubric

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French Children's Book Project
This is a final project for French class. You will be writing a children's book in French using the vocabulary you have learned this year. The 'book' must be at least 10 pages long and have 1 sentence per page. Each 'page' must be illustrated in color. The book must have a cover with a title and author. (Students may make the final copy of the project into a digital storybook, using Microsoft Photostory, or Powerpoint, or a similar program that is able to be played on school computers, if they choose not to use paper)
Rubric Code: Y79XWA
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Subject: Foreign Languages  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12

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  Exceeds Standards!

20 pts

Meets Standards

15 pts

Getting there

10 pts

Not ready

5 pts

Not started

0 pts

Story line--Content grade

Exceeds Standards!

Story line is creative and interesting.
Meets Standards

Story line is clear and story is interesting.
Getting there

Evidence of a story line.
Not ready

The book has no real story.
Not started

No story at all.
Accuracy of language--Content grade

Exceeds Standards!

Near flawless use of grammar and mechanics.
Meets Standards

Some mistakes occur but do not distract from the understanding of the story.
Getting there

Many mistakes are present and they begin to distract from the story.
Not ready

Mistakes in structure of sentences inhibit understanding.
Not started

Hardly any structure to determine if language is accurate or not
Word choice and variety

Exceeds Standards!

A variety of well-chosen words add to the enjoyment of the story.
Meets Standards

Authors used basic words with some variety.
Getting there

Authors used some words accurately. May have used some anglicisms.
Not ready

Authors did not make good word choices. Many anglicisms occur.
Not started

Too much English and/or no structures to grade

Exceeds Standards!

Rich variety in sentence structure and length. Goes beyond basic use of the language. Sentences are correct and complete.

More than 10 sentences are used.
Meets Standards

Some variety in sentence structure and length. Attempts to use complex sentence structures.

9-10 sentences are used.
Getting there

Simple and/or awkward sentence structure, but some sentences may not be correct.

6-8 sentences are used.
Not ready

Incorrect or incomplete sentences used throughout story.

3-5 sentences are used.
Not started

Less than 3 sentences are used.
Illustrations-- creativity

(Art may be computer made, or photographs, however they must relate directly to the story line, and credit MUST be given for illustrations that are not the student's own work, or 0 will be given in this category)

Exceeds Standards!

The illustrations directly relate to the words on the page and are appropriate for the page in size and text. Art is thoughtful and well designed.
Meets Standards

The illustrations mostly fill the page and are appropriate for the text.
Getting there

The illustrations do not enhance the page or appearance of the story.
Not ready

There are pictures missing.
The pages are incomplete.
Not started

No illustrations
On time

Project is due on or before JUNE 11!!

Exceeds Standards!

Project is turned in early
Meets Standards

Project is turned in on time
Getting there

Project is 1 day late
Not ready

Project is 2 days late
Not started

Project is 3 or more days late

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