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iRubric: Defiing Class Participation. rubric

iRubric: Defiing Class Participation. rubric

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Defiing Class Participation. 
Class participation is an essential component to studying and learning world history. The discovery of knowledge and the transmission of ideas can not take place in isolation. Class participation is more than just showing up to class and occupying space in a chair. Students need to obtain the necessary skills to navigate academia and participating in all aspects of the educational process will strengthen skills. Class participation for this course is defined as class attendance, responding to course emails, attending office hours, and turning in notes taking during lecture.
Rubric Code: U5AC88
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Subject: History  
Type: Class note  
Grade Levels: Undergraduate

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Class Attendance
25 pts

Class attendance will be taken weekly. Class participation is a graded requirement for this course. In order to participate in class, you must attend class.


Poor attitude toward projects and class discussions; no comments or thoughts offered during discussions. Is frequently late to class.

Little involvement in general lecture discussions; comments are forced out of student. Is late once or twice to class and unprepared for topic.

Allot of involvement in class discussions; many comments shared, attends class on time and is prepared.
Class Notes
30 pts

From time to time, the instructor will ask students to turn in their notes, following a lecture.


Does not turn in notes from class lecture. Does not take notes with enough frequency.

Takes general notes each lecture. Notes do not include adequate information on important dates, concepts, themes, names and events. Notes are not organized, haphazardly written, and demonstrate just a general awareness of the lecture.

Notes follow the general course of the lecture. Notes include information on dates, concepts, themes, names and events. Notes are organized and demonstrate a excellent awareness of lecture.
Attending Office Hours
30 pts

Students will attend office hours twice during the semester. By attending office hours, students are learning how to effectively communicate with an instructor, which can benefit their academic experience.


Does not attend two office hour sessions during the semester.

Attend one office hour session during the semester. Does not come prepared to discuss academic performance or ways to sustain or improve skills. Does not bring assignments or essay rough drafts.

Attends both office hour sessions, comes prepared with questions and/or concerns, brings assignments or essay rough drafts to instructor for review.
Course Emails
15 pts

General course emails are frequently sent throughout the semester. Students need to learn to frequently check and communicate with instructors via email. Students should respond to course emails which indicate a response is needed.
Proper email etiquette will be discussed in class.


Does not answer any of the course emails throughout the semester.

Answers a couple of emails; lacks proper email etiquette and/or answers emails after the fact.

Responds promptly to each course email with proper email etiquette. Will ask follow-up questions for clarification about content in course email.



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