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iRubric: Evaluative Criteria for Research Paper rubric

iRubric: Evaluative Criteria for Research Paper rubric

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Evaluative Criteria for Research Paper built by jshalon5

Rubric Code: NX23W79
This rubric will be used to assess performance and provide feedback on the written assignment (research paper). Please use the
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Categories: Subjects: Education  
Types: Assignment  
Grade Levels: Undergraduate

Powered by iRubric Quality of Work Submitted
Work submitted reflects collegiate level analytical and critical thinking skills as well as
1 pts Submitted with unacceptable content
Minimal Work
2 pts Submitted with content meeting bare minimum requirement
3 pts Submitted with content meeting, and at times, exceeding expectations
4 pts Submitted with content that exceeds assignment expectations
Ability to demonstrate understanding of the assignment

The written assignment lacks relevant or accurate information based on the assignment's criteria.
Minimal Work

Demonstrates some understanding of the assignment criteria.

Minimally includes answers to the required questions.

The written assignment contains knowledge that is accurate, with only minor inaccuracies.

The data is relevant to the assignment and all questions have been answered in good detail.

Demonstrates a strong understanding of the assignment with relevant data and thorough, thought-provoking answers.
Ideas and Content
The extent to which the work reflects the student's ability to apply readings, discussions, cited resources, and course materials.

The written assignment does not contain research data, cited resources, or any supporting details to substantiate the written information.
Minimal Work

Minimally provides theories, concepts, supporting data, and cited resources.

Ideas are somewhat unclear and/or underdeveloped.

Demonstrates good analytical structure with sufficient supporting resources such as, citations, articles, course readings, and other research data.

Ideas are clearly expressed.

Demonstrates insightful and critical thinking with research questions.

Ideas reflect originality with multiple credible sources including course readings, discussions, and other research data.

Demonstrates exceptional inclusion of major points.
Adhere to Assignment Expectations
The extent to which the research paper meets the assigned criteria

The written assignment does not include key components and lacks depth and application.
Minimal Work

Answers to questions are not fully developed and/or answers to all questions are not provided.

Assignment demonstrates minimal depth and breadth.

Features and benefits are not fully outlined.

Paper barely meets length requirements.

Assignment demonstrates appropriate breadth and depth.

The paper is written in a detailed manner with fully developed thoughts.

Answers to questions are well-thought out and the paper meets length requirements.

Assignment demonstrates exceptional breadth and depth.

Assignment meets all expectations, with exemplary content, including length requirements.
Written Expression and Formatting
The extent to which the research paper uses standard English and formatting expectations (i.e. correct grammar, APA style).

The written assignment lacks the correct use of grammar, punctuation, and APA style formatting.
Minimal Work

Demonstrates some understanding of APA style and formatting.

Paper contains more than a few grammatical and punctual errors.

Good use of grammar and APA style, formatting.

Few, if any, grammatical or punctual errors.

Great use of grammar with effective sentence variety, and clear, concise thought expression.

No prominent errors inter ere with reading.

Represents scholarly writing with correct APA format.

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