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iRubric: Pecha Kucha rubric

iRubric: Pecha Kucha rubric

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Pecha Kucha
20x20 visual and audio presentation. Twenty slides are displayed for twenty seconds each. The presenter speaks to each slide as they play through. Goal is to be creative and poetic in design and speech. Entertain us please.
Rubric Code: L5263W
Public Rubric
Subject: English  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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20x20 and sit down.
  Pecha Rocked It

Exceeds Standard<BR>

4 pts

Pecha You Becha

Meets Standard 85

3 pts

Pecha Next Time

Partially Meets 65

2 pts

Pecha Train Wreck

Fails to Meet 50

1 pts


Presentations & Delivery ELA.S.09.LT.02
Understands how to report on a topic or present an opinion, sequencing ideas logically and using appropriate facts and/or details to support main ideas.

Pecha Rocked It

The Pecha Kucha was extremely organized and the ideas and images flowed in a manner that was easily followed and understood.<BR>
The material transitioned seamlessly from slide to slide.
Pecha You Becha

The Pecha Kucha was fairly organized. and the ideas flowed well. There were perhaps jumps and transitions that were not entirely seamless. Easily understood.
Pecha Next Time

The Pecha Kucha was unorganized and difficult to follow. Ideas and images were put together with little thought to audience understanding.
Pecha Train Wreck

No attempt made.

ELA12.9.4 Students will determine appropriate media, relevant to audience and purpose, that extend and support oral, written, and visual communication.

Pecha Rocked It

The images/text chosen were appropriate and extremely thoughtful to the topic and conveyed in an excellent manner the Pecha Kuchua's purpose.<BR>
The audience was informed and entertained.
Pecha You Becha

The images/text chosen were appropriate and considered the topic in a thoughtful way.<BR>
No yawns were elicited from your audience.
Pecha Next Time

The images/text chosen distracted from the presentation. We were restless, so very restless.
Pecha Train Wreck

No attempt made.


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