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iRubric: Contour Drawing rubric

iRubric: Contour Drawing rubric

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Student will draw a contour line of two items selected by the teacher. Student will do a contour line drawing and then enhance that drawing by adjusting line quality. Students will then enhance the drawing further by adding cross contour lines to indicate form and value.
Rubric Code: HX88524
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Subject: Arts and Design  
Type: Assessment  
Grade Levels: 9-12, Undergraduate

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=Contour Drawing
  Poor 2pts.


Fair 6 pts.


Excellent 10 pts.


Line Quality

Varying line quality (weight)

Poor 2pts.

No care or very little care was given to application of line or sensitivity of response to the objects in the still life.
Line was sloppy or quickly sketched in. Cross contour lines were not present or failed to show the form of the hands.
Fair 6 pts.

Line was sometimes drawn with sensitivity and variation but was not consistently interesting or was impatiently applied in some areas. Contour lines were mostly present and somewhat showed the form of the hands.
Excellent 10 pts.

Sensitivity of line was used to describe variation of objects, surfaces and shapes. Variation in pressure and feel of line was used to show changes throughout drawing. Contour lines were present and were successful in showing the form of the hands.
Drawing Accuracy

sighting and measuring, paid attention to shapes

Poor 2pts.

Little care was taken in observing the objects and most proportions are not correct. The student's drawing lacks accuracy.
Fair 6 pts.

Some care was taken in observing the object but some proportions are not correct. The student's drawing is mostly accurate with a few areas that need improvement.
Excellent 10 pts.

Much care was taken in observing the objects and proportions are drawn correctly. The student's drawing is very accurate with little need for improvement.
Craftsmanship/ Finish

Overall quality

Poor 2pts.

Media is used sloppily or incorrectly, drawing is unfinished or appears messy and needs attention. Presentation has not been considered.
Fair 6 pts.

Media is used fairly well but could be improved or cleaned up. Some areas of the drawing may need further attention and very little consideration has been given to presentation or alternatives.
Excellent 10 pts.

Media is used carefully and skillfully, paper is chosen for its size and quality and the drawing is completely finished. Consideration has been given to presentation and alternatives such as cropping.

paid attention to shapes and captured the edges and necessary details

Poor 2pts.

Not enough amount of details to supplement the overall appearance of drawing.
Fair 6 pts.

Captured some details to supplement the overall appearance of drawing.
Excellent 10 pts.

Captured the edges and essential details of the subject to supplement the overall appearance of the drawing.

  • Line, contour, variation, sensitivity, shape,

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