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iRubric: Playwriting Skills rubric

iRubric: Playwriting Skills rubric

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Playwriting Skills

  Derived from rubric: Playwriting Skills
built by marielleduke

Rubric Code: ZX96WA3
This rubric will assess whether students are able to write scenes that demonstrate character building, plot development, formatting, editing, and clarity.
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Keywords: Playwriting
Categories: Subjects: Arts and Design   (General)  
Types: Writing   Assessment   (Other)  
Grade Levels: K-5

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Students who meet all of this criteria are proficient in playwriting skills.
  Poor Effort
1 pts
Below Average
2 pts
Above Average
4 pts
Excellent Effort
5 pts
Play Outline
Poor Effort

Outline is unorganized. Does not describe the play and/or provide any connection to the text.
Below Average

Outline is somewhat organized. Brief, insufficient description of the play. It is hard to find a clear connection to the text.
Above Average

Outline is organized. Describes the play in a detailed manner and shows a clear connection to the text.
Excellent Effort

Outline is highly organized. Describes the play in a detailed manner and shows a clear connection to the text.
Clarity of ideas
Poor Effort

Ideas were unfocused or disorganized, missing crucial elements of devising.
Below Average

Some organization, around some elements of a play are starting to take shape but is underdeveloped.
Above Average

Good organization of ideas relevant to theatrical writing throughout the unit.
Excellent Effort

The organization of this writing furthers the play and the development of ideas throughout the unit.
Poor Effort

Required length is not met.
Below Average

Required length is barely met and is lacking substance.
Above Average

Required length is met or exceeded.
Excellent Effort

Required length is met or exceeded efficiently and concisely.
Poor Effort

Scholar shows little effort to complete the work. Scholar needed a good deal of refocusing to stay on task.
Below Average

Scholar shows some effort to complete the work but needed support staying on task.
Above Average

Scholar worked hard to meet expectations.
Excellent Effort

Scholar shows a strong effect effort to complete and present their play proposals.

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