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iRubric: Bumper Sticker rubric

iRubric: Bumper Sticker rubric

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Bumper Sticker 
Students will create a "bumper sticker" that expresses the students political or social views through their choice of imagery and text from magazines. This will be an on-going assignment.
Rubric Code: X22A37C
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Subject: Arts and Design  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: (none)

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  Level 1

1 pts

Level 2

2 pts

Level 3

3 pts

Level 4

4 pts


Level 1

The student did not use a motto or quote to connect to the value.
Level 2

The student did the assignment in a satisfactory manner but motto or quote does not connect well to the value.
Level 3

The work shows that the student applied the motto/quote to the value.
Level 4

The student thoroughly and with great detail connects motto/quote to value.

Level 1

The piece shows little evidence of original thought. There are minimal attempts at sketches/symbols.
Level 2

The student's work lacked sincere originality.
There are attempts at symbols.
Level 3

The student's work demonstrates originality. The student has created several symbols.
Level 4

The student's work demonstrates originality and shows evidence of planning and required symbols.

Level 1

The student did not finish work in satisfactory manner.
Level 2

The student finished the project but it lacked finished touches. The project could be improved upon with little effort.
Level 3

The student completed the project in an above average manner, yet more could have been done.
Level 4

The student gave an effort far beyond the requirements of the project.
Academic Terms/Vocabulary

Level 1

The student made little attempt to use or learn any of the academic terms or vocabulary.
Level 2

The student showed average effort to learn and used the academic trms or vocabulary infrequently.
Level 3

The student worked hard to learn and understand the academic terms/vocabulary and used it as appropriate in class.
Level 4

The student worked hard to learn and understand the academic terms/vocabulary and used them appropriately in class. The student also used other vocabulary/terms properly.

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