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iRubric: Bruno's World rubric

iRubric: Bruno's World rubric

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Bruno's World 
Rubric Code: W235B62
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Subject: Education  
Type: (Other)  
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12

Powered by iRubric Food Waste PBL Skills Criteria Rubric
  Below Standard

1 pts

Approaching Standard

2 pts

Meets Standard

3 pts

Above Standard

4 pts


Students communicate about thinking
with the group

Below Standard

? Engages in discussion mostly about their own ideas.
Approaching Standard

? Retells the ideas that others
Meets Standard

? Asks questions to help clarify the ideas of others.
? Identifies when ideas do not
make sense.
? Asks what others think.
Above Standard

? Uses academic language to talk about their learning moves.
Teamwork & Contribution

Students contribute resources, ideas, and efforts and support group members.

Below Standard

? Focuses only on what they are told to do.
? Completes their part of the group project on time
? Lets each person decide what they need on their own.
Approaching Standard

? Identifies the ideas and resources they need to complete the work.
? Asks the group what resources they have.
? Shares their work and looks at others’ work at the end of the project.
Meets Standard

? Brainstorms ideas with the group.
? Finds resources for others, when asked.
? Asks if anyone needs help or
feedback during the project.
Above Standard

? Suggests important ideas to help improve the project.
? Provides resources to support the group.
? Helps others and gives feedback throughout the project.
Reflection & Adaptation

Students monitor, reflect, and
adapt individual and group processes to benefit the

Below Standard

? Focuses on getting their part of the group project done.
Approaching Standard

? Identifies how their work shows quality.
Meets Standard

? Monitors the group’s project
quality and process throughout the project.
Above Standard

? Reflects on and suggests ways the group can improve the quality and process of the project next time.
? Makes a plan for improving their work next time.
Sources of Information

Students build knowledge, understanding, and skills through multiple and varied sources of information.

Below Standard

? Only uses one or two traditional sources of information (website, book, article).
Approaching Standard

? Uses multiple traditional sources of information and finds one or two that are unique or unusual.
Meets Standard

? Able to identify reliable ways to unique sources of information.
Above Standard

? Often finds unique sources of information and assists others in finding alternative forms of information.
Explanation of Ideas & Information

Below Standard

? Uses inappropriate facts and irrelevant details to support main ideas.
Approaching Standard

? Chooses some facts and details that support main ideas, but there may not be
enough, or some are irrelevant.
Meets Standard

? Chooses appropriate facts and relevant, descriptive details to support main ideas and themes.
Above Standard

? Chooses engaging facts and compelling details to support conclusions.

Below Standard

? Does not include everything required in presentation
? Presents ideas in an order that does not make sense
? Does not plan timing of presentation well; it is too short or too long
Approaching Standard

? Includes almost everything required in presentation
? Tries to present ideas in an order, but it doesn’t always makes sense
? Presents for the right length of time, but some parts may be too short or too long
Meets Standard

? Includes everything required in presentation
? Presents ideas in an order that makes sense
? Organizes time well; no part of the presentation is rushed, too short or too long
Above Standard

? Includes everything required in presentation and some additional relevant information
? Organizes time in a manner to keep audience members naturally engaged throughout the presentation

  • Food Waste; PBL



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