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Objective: the students will compose and decompose numbers between 10-20
Rubric Code: U23X23W
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Subject: Math  
Type: (Other)  
Grade Levels: K-5

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  Meets Criteria

3 pts


2 pts

Does not meet criteria/below

1 pts


Student can identify a number when told the 'say ten way.'
i.e. if the teacher says ten 1 the student identifies that number as 11.

Meets Criteria

The student independently writes the number on their dry-erase board and builds the number using the manipulatives.

The student independently completed both tasks, but made a few mistakes or needed a scaffold.
Does not meet criteria/below

The student attempted both tasks, but was unable to provide appropriate answers
Written Understanding

The student is able to write the number they are given and build the number with the given manipulatives.

Meets Criteria

The student independently demonstrates an awareness of written numbers between 10 and 20.

The student was able to write the number but struggled or wrote the number in the ones place first.
Does not meet criteria/below

The student was unable to write the appropriate number on their white board.
Decomposition of teen numbers

Demonstrates an understanding of teen numbers being composed of ten and X amount of ones.

Meets Criteria

The student independently builds the number with the given manipulatives, without counting the individual cubes on the tens stick.

i.e. demonstrates an understanding that the ten stick represents ten and can quickly count starting at 10 and adding the remaining ones cubes.

The student got the correct answer but used all ones cubes to build the teen number.
Or, the student counted the individual cubes on the tens stick; unable to demonstrate the ability to count on from ten.
Does not meet criteria/below

The student computed a completely unreasonable answer.

  • Digits, Place Value, Standard Form, Expanded Form, Word Form, Ones, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, Ten Thousands


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