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iRubric: Marking criteria for Groupwork rubric

iRubric: Marking criteria for Groupwork rubric

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Marking criteria for Groupwork 
Marking criteria for groupwork assessment in NSW Commerce Syllabus Years 9-10 for a debate on various topics
Rubric Code: P2X6559
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Subject: Social Sciences  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: Undergraduate

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5 pts


3 pts

Needs improvement

1 pts

Participation and research
2 pts

participates in the distribution and allocation of tasks within the group and contributes to research for the assigned topic


Enthusiastically focuses on the task and takes note of what needs to be done. Takes responsibility for an equitable portion of the tasks. Is observed to actively help research information to include in their teams presentation, and assists other team members.

Focuses on the task most of the time. Accepts responsiblity for a reasonable portion of the tasks. Is observed to help research information to include in their teams presentation.
Needs improvement

Rarely focuses on the task and/or is reluctant to take responsibility for an equitable portion of the tasks. Lets other team members do most of the research needed for the team presentation.
Accuracy of oral presentation
3 pts

oral presentation clearly indicates the assigned topic has been understood and accurately researched


Oral presentation contains correct information with appropriate evidence from the textbook. Presentation indicates further research has been undertaken, such as including statistics to support arguments.It is clear that the speaker understands what they are talking about.

Oral presentation contains mostly correct information using evidence from the textbook. It is clear the speaker understands most of what they are saying.
Needs improvement

Oral presentation contains many inaccuracies indicating that little research has been undertaken. The speaker does not demonstrate an understanding of the topic.
Delivery of presentation
3 pts

provides a logical and coherent argument, keeps within time guidelines and can be clearly heard


The arguments presented are in a logical order and expressed articulately, free of irrelevant information. Presentation is within the guidelines and can be clearly heard by the audience.

The arguments are mostly presented in a logical order, and is generally well expressed. The speaker keeps to or is only marginally outside the time guidelines, and can be heard most of the time by the audience.
Needs improvement

The arguments presented are at times hard to follow and significantly outside the time guidelines. The presentation is at times inaudible.
Listening as a member of audience
1 pts

clearly demonstrates careful listening to the other debates as a member of the audience


Respectfully listens to the other debates, taking detailed notes on worksheet provided, demonstrating they have clearly listened and understood the other presentations.

Respectfully listens to the other debates, taking sufficient notes on the worksheet provided, showing they have listened and generally understood the other presentations.
Needs improvement

Has some difficulty respectfully listening to the other debates. Has taken minimal notes on the worksheet provided. Demonstrates only minimal attentiveness and comprehension of the other presentations.
Helps prepare feedback
1 pts

contributes to preparation of feedback to the other debating groups


Is observed to constructively discuss and evaluate other debates with team members and help direct the team in reaching an agreement as to who won each debate.

Is observed to participate in team discussions and contribute to the decision of who won each debate
Needs improvement

Is observed to be uninterested in team discussions, or provides inappropriate and/or unhelpful comments regarding other presentations.

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