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iRubric: Opinion Writing rubric

iRubric: Opinion Writing rubric

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Opinion Writing
Rubric Code: P2X3B47
Public Rubric
Subject: English  
Type: Writing  
Grade Levels: K-5

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I stated an opinion. I did not state 3-4 reasons to support my opinion. Did not use any introductory words. My opinion does not grasp the readers attention.
You can do better!

I stated my opinion but does not grasp the reader's attention. I used 1 reason. Did not use an introductory word.
You almost there

I stated my opinion and has a strong introduction that will grasp the reader's attention. I used 2 reasons. I used in an introductory word.
You made it!

My opinion has a strong introduction that will grasp the readers attention. I used 3-4 reason to support my opinion. I used introductory words.

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Did not have any paragraphs written
You can do better!

I wrote a paragraph that supported one reason for my opinion. I did not end the paragraph restating the reason. Used one transition word.
You almost there

I wrote a paragraph for each reason but did not use transition words and/or restated my reason in each paragraph.
You made it!

I wrote a paragraph for each of my reasons. I used transition words and ended each paragraph restating my reason

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No conclusion paragraph
You can do better!

Did not restate my opinion and did not summarize key points
You almost there

I restated my opinion but did not summarize the key points.
You made it!

I restated my opinion and summarized the key points.



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