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iRubric: Commercial/Short Story Video Project Rubric

iRubric: Commercial/Short Story Video Project Rubric

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Commercial/Short Story Video Project Rubric 
Create a commercial or a short story. The commercial should not be longer than 60 seconds and the short story no longer than 5 minutes. You will needed a written or typed script, a storyboard, and the video.
Rubric Code: M2X6499
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Subject: Computers  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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Create a video at least 45 seconds talking about on of the topics that where implemented in the project standards.

7 pts


8 pts

Above Average

9 pts


10 pts

Written Script

Did the script have all the necessary parts to make the storyboard and video


The script did a poor job in demonstrating how to write a script. Several important aspects of the text were left out of the video and or the video was very inaccurate in its recall of important parts of the text from the script. It lacked in dialogue and transitions.

The video did a fair job in showing accurate use of the script. Unclear on some of elements either setting, dialogue, or transitions. I could figure out the beginning, middle, and end.
Above Average

The video did a good job showing accurate use of the script. Setting, dialogue, transitions all work together to make the video accurate.
There was a beginning, middle, and end.

The video did an excellent job showing accurate use of the the script. Setting, dialogue, transition all work together to make the video accurate.
The script had an excellent introduction, middle, and end.

How much effort was put in to create the project


Poor effort. Little to no hard work was put into the creation of the film. The end product is not very polished and or was put together at the last moment and poor setting choices
Presentation fell short of minimum requirements.

Fair effort. Obvious effort is apparent in the final product. There was an effort to follow the script, storyboard. Video fell short of some minimum requirements.
Above Average

Good effort. Hard work was put into the film. There was a good use of class time. Good end results. Presentation met minimum required time.

Excellent effort. A lot of hard good work was put into the film. The film is polished and very well put together. Good use of script, storyboard, and creating the video. Presentation met or exceeded minimum time.
Neatness and Editing

How the storyboard and video are put together and organized.


Appears rushed, sloppy or careless. Difficult to read clearly or understand. Video is not edited well.

Difficult to read.
Shows little thought and planning. Video lacks editing to make it a good video. Sound, transitions, dialogue needed more attention.
Above Average

Shows thought & planning.
Easy to read and follow storyboard.
Sound, transitions, dialogue are overall good quality.

Shows careful thought & planning.
Easy to read and follow storyboard.
Sound, transitions, dialogue are excellent quality.

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