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iRubric: graphing exponential functions rubric

iRubric: graphing exponential functions rubric

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graphing exponential functions 
Homework/classwork grades on graphing exponential functions.
Rubric Code: M23569A
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Subject: Math  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  Not Enough Effort

10 pts

Some Effort Shown

15 pts

Good Work!

20 pts

Total Points



Not Enough Effort

None or too few values and/or the range is poorly calculated.
Some Effort Shown

Either your domain or range values are too small or too big to show enough of the graph to include the asymptope.
Good Work!

Appropriate range and domain values shown.
Total Points
End behavior

Not Enough Effort

Your graph crosses the asymptope or has a "fish hook" design.
Some Effort Shown

Your graph is either not close enough to the asymptote or it does not approach + or - infinity
Good Work!

Your graph is close to the asymptote and +/- infinity.
Total Points

Not Enough Effort

You did not use graph paper or other calibrated paper.
Some Effort Shown

I circled something on your graph to show you where somthing was missing!
Good Work!

You used graph paper, used arrows on the end of your graph, wrote and drew a neat coordinate plane.
Total Points
Equation Development

Not Enough Effort

Both equations are written incorrectly.
Some Effort Shown

One equation is written correctly and the other is incorrect.
Good Work!

Both NOW-NEXT and Explicit equations are written correctly.
Total Points
Solutions to Equations

Not Enough Effort

At least one solution to equations is correct.
Some Effort Shown

At least 3 solutions to equations are correct. solutions are incorrect.
Good Work!

All solutions to equations are correct.
Total Points

  • charts, range and domain


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