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iRubric: Quiz and Summative Assessment Rubric

iRubric: Quiz and Summative Assessment Rubric

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Quiz and Summative Assessment Rubric 
Performance Task Rubric
Rubric Code: M2288XA
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Subject: Math  
Type: Assessment  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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Part of the metal working course, Metallurgy ABR-135.
  Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Problem Solving

Demonstrate knowledge of metals and their characteristics.
Demonstrate knowledge of metallurgic principles and their applications to control expansion, contraction and distortion.

Level 1

No strategy is chosen, or strategy is chosen that will not lead to a solution.

Little or no evidence of engagement in the task present.
Level 2

A partially correct strategy is chosen, or a correct strategy for only solving part of the task is chosen.

Evidence of drawing on some previous knowledge is present, showing some relevant engagement in the task.
Level 3

A correct strategy is chosen based on mathematical situation in the task.

Planning or monitoring of strategy is evident.
Level 4

An efficient strategy is chosen and progress toward a solution is evaluated.

Evidence of analyzing the situation in mathematical terms, and extending prior knowledge is present.
Reasoning and Proof

Identify and work with procedures associated with working metals and their applications.
ie. Forming, shearing, punching, drilling, cutting, welding, heating and shrinking.

Level 1

No correct reasoning nor justification for reasoning is present.
Level 2

Some correct reasoning or justification for reasoning is present with trial and error, or unsystematic trying of several cases.
Level 3

A systematic approach and/or justification of correct reasoning is present.
Level 4

Evidence is used to justify and support decisions made and conclusions reached.

This would be achieved through in-class lectures, videos and in-shop demonstrations which would also includes hands-on projects.

Level 1

Little or no communication of an approach is evident.
Everyday, familiar language is used to communicate ideas.
Level 2

Some communication of an approach is evident through written accounts and explanations, use of diagrams or objects, writing, and using mathematical symbols.

Level 3

Communication of an approach is evident through a methodical, organized, coherent sequenced and labeled response.
Level 4

Communication at the Practitioner lever is achieved, and communication of argument is supported by mathematical properties.
Performance Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the apprentice will be able to:
Prevent or correct problems that occur when working metals.

Level 1

No attempt is made to construct mathematical representations.
Level 2

An attempt is made to construct mathematical representations to record and communicate problem solving.
Level 3

Appropriate and accurate mathematical representations are constructed and refined to solve problem or portray solution.
Level 4

Abstract or symbolic mathematical representations are constructed to analyze relationships and extend thinking.



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