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iRubric: Self-Regulation Skills rubric

iRubric: Self-Regulation Skills rubric

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Self-Regulation Skills 
Increases students' ability to gain insight and learn to navigate emotions and behaviors associated with self-regulation skills.
Rubric Code: L22XW52
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Subject: Education  
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Powered by iRubric Self-regulation Skills
Curriculum: Zones of Regulation-Leah Kuypers
  Mastery Regulation

Uses learned skills across all settings in school environment

4 pts

Uses Self-regulation Skills

Able to use learned skills in some, but not all, settings

3 pts

Understands Regulation

Talks about how emotions & thoughts, are related to behavior

2 pts

Emerging Understanding

Talks about his or her emotions, thoughts, and behaviors

1 pts

Learned Skills

GOAL: Generalize use of learned skills across all educational settings

Mastery Regulation

Student demonstrates problem solving with desirable solutions to problems.

Student identifies "triggers" that influence his or her behavior; and
uses tools to prevent dis-regulation.
Uses Self-regulation Skills

Student understands how own behavior affects the way other people feel about him or her.

Student is able to use tools to self regulate when experiencing intense emotions.
Understands Regulation

Student is able to identify a range of emotions with consistency.

Student is able to read own body cues to determine emotions he or she is experiencing with consistency.
Emerging Understanding

Student is able to identify a few emotions with consistency; but...
remains unclear about how emotions affect his or her thinking & behavior, how his or her behavior affects others, and how others think about his or her behaviors.

  • self-regulation, insight, cognitive, emotional control



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