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iRubric: Origami Project rubric

iRubric: Origami Project rubric

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Origami Project 
Students will make a 3d artwork using art elements and design principles
Rubric Code: L22AWW6
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Subject: Arts and Design  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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Making a protea flower
  Not getting it...

5 pts

Almost there...

10 pts


15 pts

Followed Directions

Follow the 3 folding steps. Fold one half and then the other half with the edge on the letters. Number 3 fold to create cone shape. Continue up to page 200. Cut of the excess paper of book and use that to fold the leaves. Glue the leaves to the folded pages, every 5 pages.

Not getting it...

The student has not understood the concepts of origami. Student did not follow instructions or is unable to complete task on own.
Almost there...

The student has followed some of the directions, however, the shape of the origami have not been completed exaclty as the example.

The student has successfully completed the task. The edges of the items have been folded neatly and the final works resemble the examples.

Pages up to 200 were fold.
All pages same size
Leaves are the same length and do not stick out at bottom to far.

Not getting it...

The student has not completed the minimum pages and all are the same size and glued properly.

Looks quite messy.
Almost there...

The student has complete almost 200 pages. Most are the same size and have been crafted with some care.
Some extra fold marks noticeable.

The student has completed more than 200 pages. All have been created with great care.
Edges of the shapes have been folded neatly.
No extra fold marks. Leaves are the same size and protea is glued properly.

Student work the full duration of the periods and time frame set aside for project

Not getting it...

Student put forth no effort and / or class time was not used wisely.
Almost there...

Student demonstrated some effort required to complete project.

Student demonstrated consistent positive effort toward assignment.

The folds are sharp. The protea is the same width and length around. The bottom and top end all at the same point.

Not getting it...

The work displays very little symmetry/balance.

No effort to align paper when attempting the folds.
Almost there...

It is apparent that some symmetry was attempted and the work displays some balance.
Edges were mostly aligned when folding the paper.

Very creative and a great deal of balance is apparent.

Edges were aligned when folding the paper.

Student was enthusiastic and energetic about the project and looked forward to end result. Proud of his/her work

Not getting it...

Did not show any positive attitude during class or toward project.
Almost there...

Some positive attitude displayed.

Positive attitude consistently shown.
Clean up

All papers was picked up afterwards and desk clean and tidy

Not getting it...

Student had many days of bad clean-up
Almost there...

Student had one or two days of bad clean-up.

Student cleaned up on a daily basis.
On Time

The student finished the project in class on time.

Not getting it...

Project is turned in a day or more late and/or not finished.
Almost there...

Project is turned in but is not finished.

Project is finished and turned in on time.

  • Japan Culture, Origami, paper folding, patterns, symmetry,

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