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iRubric: 6th grade rubric

iRubric: 6th grade rubric

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6th grade

  Derived from rubric: 5th Grade Lab Report
built by abmarsh

Rubric Code: GX98C25
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Categories: Subjects: Biology   Science  
Types: Assignment   Writing   Handout  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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  Exceeds Standard
2 pts
Meets Standard
1 pts
Doesn't Meet Standard
0 pts
In-Class Research
Exceeds Standard

Student was completely focused.
In-class time was wisely used to research subject.
Meets Standard

Student was generally focused.
In-class time was generally spent to research subject.
Doesn't Meet Standard

Student did not complete the task.
Student was disruptive to other members of the class.
Exceeds Standard

Information is accurate, complete and specific.
All of the information is included.
Meets Standard

Information is generally relevant and accurate.
Most of the information is included.
Doesn't Meet Standard

Information is not accurate.
Most of the information is not included.
Presenting Information
Exceeds Standard

Presentation includes detailed and complete explanation of what was learned.
Meets Standard

Presentation includes basic explanation of what was learned.
One or two key points may be missing.
Doesn't Meet Standard

Presentation shows little effort and reflection.
Many key points are missing.
Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar
Exceeds Standard

No more than 2 errors.
Meets Standard

Three to six errors.
Doesn't Meet Standard

More than six errors.
Exceeds Standard

Neat and clear. Easy to read and follow. Name, student number, titles, and labels are included (if applicable).
Meets Standard

Could be neater, may not have name, student number, and complete labels and titles (if applicable).
Doesn't Meet Standard

Report is sloppy, torn, crumpled with cross-outs, or multiple erasures. Name, titles, and labels are not clear.

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