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iRubric: Excel Spreadsheet Rubric

iRubric: Excel Spreadsheet Rubric

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Excel Spreadsheet Rubric

  Derived from rubric: Excel Spreadsheet Rubric
built by werpom

Rubric Code: EX922A7
Excel Spreadsheet: Open and save a workbook, enter labels and values, edit cell entries, create and enter formulas, use Excel functions, format values, use fonts and font sizes, adjust column widths, generate totals with AutoFill.
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Keywords: cell, row, column, merge and center, format
Categories: Subjects: Computers  
Types: Exam   Project   Assignment   Assessment  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  Above Expectations
4 pts
Meets Expectaions
3 pts
Needs improvement
2 pts
Below Expectations
0 pts
Neatness and Organization
Above Expectations

The spreadsheet has exceptional formatting and the information is well organized. It's easy to read.
Meets Expectaions

The spreadsheet has attractive formatting and is somewhat organized. Data can be read and interpreted, but with some difficulty.
Needs improvement

The spreadsheet is somewhat organized. Readability needs improvement, as there is great difficult in interpreting information.
Below Expectations

The spreadsheet formatting and organization can be confusing to observer. Spreadsheet information is not readable.
Above Expectations

The spreadsheet formula(s) are well-developed and will correctly determine the needed information.
Meets Expectaions

The spreadsheet formula(s) will correctly determine the needed information.
Needs improvement

The spreadsheet formula(s) cannot be used to correctly determine the needed information.
Below Expectations

The spreadsheet has no formula(s)
Titles, Labels and Headings
Above Expectations

1. Contains a creative title that clearly relates to the data displayed.<BR>
2. Contains clearly labeled rows and columns.
Meets Expectaions

1. Contains a title that somewhat relates to the data displayed.<BR>
2. Contains clearly labeled rows and columns, but the row-column organization was not completely thought out.
Needs improvement

1. Title is present at the top of the graph.<BR>
2. Does not contain labels for some of the rows or columns, and spreadsheet shows some signs of disorganization.
Below Expectations

1. Does not contain a title.<BR>
2. Does not contain any labels for columns and rows.
Above Expectations

Spreadsheet meets all requirements necessary to determine the cost of the travel package.
Meets Expectaions

Spreadsheet includes and make clear all but 1 or 2 minor details that are necessary to the travel package.
Needs improvement

Spreadsheet include sand make clear all but 3 or 4 details that are necessary to the travel package.
Below Expectations

Spreadsheet fails to include and make clear more than 4 of the details that are needed in the travel package.

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