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iRubric: ICT Creative Product Assessment rubric

iRubric: ICT Creative Product Assessment rubric

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ICT Creative Product Assessment
Roles Within a Sporting Team
Rubric Code: E2XWA73
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Type: Assessment  
Grade Levels: 6-8

Powered by iRubric ICT Creative Product Assessment
Roles (Coaches, Analysts, Media Managers) Within a Sporting Team
  D (fail)


C (pass)


B (credit)


A (distinction)


ICT Tools

D (fail)

Unable to select and use appropriate tool/s to create video
C (pass)

Selects and uses appropriate tool/s in a basic way (eg iMovie)
B (credit)

Selects and utilises appropriate tool/s comprehensively
A (distinction)

Selects, utilises and can justify use of appropriate tool/s

D (fail)

Does not address content (roles, responsibilities, personal attributes, required skills of each role) adequately
C (pass)

Addresses at least 2 of the 4 criteria (roles, responsibilities, personal attributes, required skill) for at least 2 of the three roles
B (credit)

Addresses simply all 4 criteria for all 3 roles
A (distinction)

Comprehensively addresses and explains all 4 criteria for all 3 roles, includes application to real-life figures/clubs

D (fail)

Is not aesthetic. Poor use of lighting, background ect. Video poorly edited and illogically sequenced
C (pass)

Acceptable aesthetics. Interviewees and backgrounds visible etc. Video editing, presentation and content sequencing adequate
B (credit)

Notable aesthetics. Decent colour, lighting, sound quality. Either: Interviewees presented in appropriate uniform (eg Coach= tracksuit) or backgrounds appropriate to environment of role (eg Coach= field). Good video editing and logical content sequence
A (distinction)

Excellent aesthetics. Very good colour, lighting, sound quality. Interviewees and backgrounds both included and appropriate to role. Seamless and well thought out editing and final presentation


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