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iRubric: Memorial Proposal rubric

iRubric: Memorial Proposal rubric

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Memorial Proposal 
Rubric Code: E2399W8
Public Rubric
Subject: English  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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  Meets Expectations

5 pts

It's Getting There...

3 pts

Needs More Work...

1 pts

Topic Chosen

Meets Expectations

Students chose a memorial topic that is relevant to Idaho history and clear.
It's Getting There...

Students chose a memorial topic that is somewhat relevant to Idaho history, and/or it is not entirely clear.
Needs More Work...

Students did not choose a topic that is relevant to Idaho history, and the topic was not clear.
Evidence Provided

Meets Expectations

Students provided evidence from at least 3 additional non-fiction sources and "The Diary of a Young Girl." The evidence was clear and argued why this new topic or piece should be considered. The evidence was strong.
It's Getting There...

Students provided 2 non-fiction sources and/or evidence from "The Diary of a Young Girl." The evidence was somewhat clear, and somewhat provided an argument to support their stance.
Needs More Work...

Students did not use a non-fiction source in addition to "The Diary of a Young Girl." They may not have used "The Diary of a Young Girl" at all. Their evidence to support their topic was not clear, or their stance was not supported with evidence.
Proposal Look

Meets Expectations

The proposal was clean, clear, and created with the intention of presenting this topic to an audience.
It's Getting There...

The proposal was somewhat clear. Sometimes it was easy to follow, and at other times, it was confusing.
Needs More Work...

The presentation was not clear, and it was hard to understand what the proposal was about.
Evidence Citations

Meets Expectations

All sources are cited using proper APA format with 3 or fewer errors.
It's Getting There...

Sources are cited using proper APA format with 5 or fewer errors.
Needs More Work...

Sources were not cited using proper APA format and/or there were 5 or more errors.


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