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iRubric: Sentence Writing Rubric

iRubric: Sentence Writing Rubric

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Sentence Writing Rubric 
Rubric Code: B2X865C
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Subject: English  
Type: Writing  
Grade Levels: (none)

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  Level 1

1 pts

Level 2

2 pts

Level 3

3 pts

Level 4

4 pts


Level 1

Does not consistently remember to capitalize the first word of the sentence.
Level 2

Consistently remembers to capitalize the first word of the sentence.
Level 3

Consistently remembers to capitalize the first word of a sentence and inconsistently remembers to capitalize other words within the sentence when needed.
Level 4

Consistently remembers to capitalize the first word and any other words necessary within the sentence.

Level 1

Does not consistently put ending puncuation.
Level 2

Consistently puts ending punctuation in writing.
Level 3

Adds necessary punctuation within the sentence structure.
Level 4

Is able to use colons, semicolons and quotation marks appropriately.
Sentence structure

Level 1

Writing sample is a fragment or run/on sentence. Does not use sentence starter.
Level 2

Writing is a complete simple sentence.
Level 3

Writing involves compound sentences.
Level 4

Writing samples show complex sentence structure.

Level 1

Improper spacing between all words in the sentence or letters in each word make for very difficult reading.
Level 2

Improper spacing between many words in the sentence and/or letters in the words make for difficult reading.
Level 3

Few spacing errors either between words or within words make for somewhat difficult reading.
Level 4

Good spacing is evident throughout the writing sample.

Level 1

Missing a subject or verb.
Level 2

Sentence has both a subject and verb with 2 or more errors.
Level 3

Sentence has subject and verb agreement with 1 error.
Level 4

Words used in the sentence are correct all the time.
Word meaning

Level 1

word usage does not demonstrate understanding of word meaning
Level 2

explanation of word meaning was required before sentence writing
Level 3

1 prompt or gesture was needed for student to recall word meaning
Level 4

student independently wrote sentences that demonstrate comprehension of word meaning



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