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iRubric: Hamlet  Adaptations rubric

iRubric: Hamlet Adaptations rubric

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Hamlet Adaptations 
Rubric Code: ZXA3A32
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Public Rubric
Subject: English  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  Beyond Excellent

7 pts


5 pts


3 pts


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Understanding of Plot

Beyond Excellent

Group members presented a thorough explanation of the plot including an examination of the characters and their motives.

Group members presented a solid explanation of the plot including an examination of some of the characters and mentions their motives.

Group members presented only a superficial explanation of the plot. No examination of the characters or their motives was mentioned.

Group members presented little to no explanation of the plot.
Content & Meaning

Sound understanding, analysis, & explanation, of writing task and text.

Beyond Excellent

Interpretations coveys an accurate & in-depth undrstanding of the scene(s), audience, and purpose. Insightful & thourough anaylisis.

Interpretations coveys an accurate & in-depth undrstanding of the scene(s), audience, and purpose. Clear & explicit analysis & explanation.

Interpretation conveys a partly accurate understanding of the scene(s), audience, & purpose. Limited analysis or superficial insight.

Interpretation conveys a confused or largely innacurate understanding of the scene(s), audience, & purpose. Unclear analysis and/or unwarranted explanations.

Visual Aid(s), props, set design, costumes.

Beyond Excellent

Exceptional set/props & costume theme were evident and distinctly complimented you interpretaion of the scene(s).
Visual aids used were used effectively throughout presentation. Group members used visual aids as a supplement, not as a crutch.

The set, props, & costume theme were well thought and organized and complimented your interpretation of the scene(s).
Visual aids used were somewhat effective, but weren't used consistently thoughout presentation.

Some aspects of the set and costume theme are evident but not complete and/or do not compliment your interpretation of the scene(s).
Visual aids used did not support verbal presentation. They lacked information, or groups members read from them.

Little to no evidence of set design, props, or costume theme.
Visual aids were not used at all.
Organization & Presentation

Voice projection. Entertainment value.

Beyond Excellent

Presentation was very organized and was very easy to follow. Transitions between group members were well planned and executed cleanly.
Group is well prepared. Very entertaining and informative -creative spin on scene. 5+ minutes. The 'Wow' factor.

Presentation was fairly organized and pretty followable. Transitions might have been slightly discontinuous but did not take away greatly from the overall presentation.
Group is adequately prepared. Presentation is interesting and informative as well as creative spin. About 5 minutes.

Presentation was not clearly organized. Transitions between members were jumpy or awkward.
Group os mostly prepared; forgot some of their lines. Presentation is basic -not very creative. Too short. Film had technical difficulties.

Presentation lacked organization. Poor transitions between group members individual parts. Presentation lacked order and very difficult to follow.
Not prepared. Read from a piece of paper and didn't complete film. Not very creative. Too short.

Appropriate language for script.

Beyond Excellent

Stylistically sophisticated, using language that is precise and engaging, with a notible sense of voice and awarness of audiience and purpose.

Langauge that is fluent, and original, with evident awareness of audience and purpose.

Rely on baasic vocabulary, with little awareness of audience or purpose.

Language that is imprecise; incoherent or innaproriate for the audience or purpose.

Group camraderie. Individual input.

Beyond Excellent

Group members were active participants and made effective use of class time and then some.

Group members were active participants and made effective use of class time.

Group members were distracting at times, discussing non-topic related information.

Members did not make effective use of class time. In absence of partner(s), or in his/her presence, the member did not fufill group obligation or do work.
Maturity & Earnestness

Beyond Excellent

The assignment was taken seriuously, and the maturity and earnestness took the interpretation to a whole new level.

Maturity and earnestness were presented in the dramatic interpretation.

Some maturity was shown throughout but not enough to make the grade.

The assignment was a omplete joke.

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