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iRubric: Grade 2 Book Talks Rubric

iRubric: Grade 2 Book Talks Rubric

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Grade 2 Book Talks Rubric built by noreenh

Rubric Code: ZB653
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Categories: Subjects: English  
Types: Presentation  
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12, Undergraduate

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  Needs Improvement
Meets Expectations
Exceeds Expectations
Main Idea
Needs Improvement

Provides some information about some story events, sometimes out of order or including insignificant details

Provides information that relates to the main idea/ lists some key story elements Seems to comprehend the story but relates information in a disorganized manner
Meets Expectations

Identifies main idea for an unfamiliar audience clearly and fairly concisely
Exceeds Expectations

Identifies main idea in a succinct, clear statement or statements Crafts the main idea information for the purpose of a book talk
Needs Improvement

Vague comments: "I liked this book. It was cool." No evidence of attempts to convince the audience to read it

Some details that are meant to support their opinions, may include weak examples of their point
Meets Expectations

Communicates opinions about the book with clear examples of why they feel as they do Shares evidence of the value of the book for potential readers.
Exceeds Expectations

Shares opinions and supporting evidence that reveals deep thinking about the book and connections with other texts and/or experiences. Demonstrates an understanding of what makes the book desirable to readers and crafts their presentation to highlight these elements.
Overall Quality
Needs Improvement

Poor display of public speaking behaviors, leaning over, mumbling, etc. Little evidence of using written plans during oral presentation.

Attempts to use appropriate public speaking behaviors. Shows evidence of some planning and forethought.
Meets Expectations

Shows evidence of planning their comments. Maintains public speaking behaviors such as appropriate stance, eye contact and voice control.
Exceeds Expectations

Shows evidence of preparation both with content and delivery. Includes attempts at sales techniques including engaging voice and stance.

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