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iRubric: Dance Presentation             D rubric

iRubric: Dance Presentation D rubric

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Dance Presentation D 
Create a Slide Show presentation based on the research on one type of dance. You are also required to show the class how the dance is performed THEN teach the class how the dance is to be performed.
Rubric Code: Z234B9W
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Subject: Dance  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: K-5

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  Level 4


Level 3


Level 2


Level 1


Movement Knowledge

Level 4

Dancers knows the movement extremely well. He/She is confident. Dancer has a great sense of timing & direction. Entire dance is executed in the dance style.
Level 3

Dancer knows the movement fairly well. He/She has a fairly good sense of timing & direction. A few mistakes made. Dance style is evident.
Level 2

Dancer is somewhat unprepared and unsure of the choreography. There is some sense of timing or direction.
Level 1

Dancer is unprepared and unsure of the choreography. There is no sense of timing or direction.
Performance Quality

Level 4

Dancer performs with full confidence. They perform with enthusiasm, and are invested in their audience as well as the other dancers performing with them.
Level 3

Dancer performs with minimal distractions. They look fairly confident and prepared for most of the performance.
Level 2

Dancer is sometimes distracted and insecure. He/She sometimes break the performance by looking around, watching others throughout performance, etc.
Level 1

Dancer is distracted and insecure. He/She is often breaking the performance by stopping to: think about steps, embarrassment, etc.

Level 4

Technical skill is strong and present in all movements. Dancer executes a complete dance: clear beginning, middle, and end.
Level 3

Dancer has a good understanding of technical skill. Dancers execute a complete dance: clear begining, middle, and end.
Level 2

Dancer shows some technical skill. Dance does not have a clear begining, middle, and end.
Level 1

Dancer does not use technique skills properly.

Level 4

Information is completely clear and well-organized. The Slide Show is eye-catching.
Level 3

The information is fairly clear and well organized, although the Slide Show may not be particularly interesting. The Slide Show may be eye-catching but somewhat hard to follow.
Level 2

The Slide Show may or may not be eye-catching and is difficult to follow.
Level 1

The Slide Show is very confusing and difficult to follow. It is not eye-catching.

Level 4
Level 3

Sources of information are properly cited so that the audience can determine the credibility of the information.
Level 2
Level 1

No copyright guidelines are followed and some information, photos and graphics do not use proper citations.


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