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iRubric: Nurse Aide Program Clinical Rubric

iRubric: Nurse Aide Program Clinical Rubric

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Nurse Aide Program Clinical Rubric 
Clinical Evaluation of student performance of resident care in a Nursing Home. Students are required to perform patient care ADL's, and use critical thinking skills while working in the clinical setting. Work Ethic, Communication, Attendance/Tardiness/Safety/ Indirect Care Measures are evaluated.
Rubric Code: Z228755
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Subject: Health  
Type: Assessment  
Grade Levels: 9-12, Undergraduate

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10 pts


6 pts

Below Average

3 pts


0 pts

Dress Code

Uniform neat and clean, proper shoes, watch, jewelry limited to single pair post style earrings, hair neat and pulled back, short natural nails. Name Badge present. No cell phones or other electronic devices brought into facility.


All components of clinical uniform in place in accordance with clinical uniform policy.

1 component of clinical uniform missing.
Below Average

2 or more components of clinical uniform missing.

Frank violation of clinical dress code.

Final Clinical Rubric (day 5)- Uniform violations on more than 1 day

Violation of electronic device policy.

Must attend a minimum of 40 hours of clinical instruction. Must be on time to clinical location.


Clinical days 1-4:
Present & on time.

Final Clinical Rubric (day 5):
No missed clinical days. On time each day.

1st tardy with notification to instructor.

Final Clinical Rubric (day 5)
-Late to clinical location one day with notification to instructor
Below Average

2nd tardy with notification to instructor

Final Clinical Rubric (day 5)
Late to clinical location 2 days with notification to instructor.

1st, 2nd tardy without notification to instructor - or- 3rd, 4th or 5th tardy with/without notification to instructor -or-
absence from clinical.

Final Clinical Rubric (day 5)
More than 2 tardy occurrences - or -
Any absence for any reason.
Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices are not allowed to be brought into the clinical facility by students.
Violation of this policy will result in immediate dismissal of the student from the clinical portion of the nurse aide class.


Compliant with Electronic device policy

Final Clinical Rubric (day 5)
Student 100% compliant with following electonic devices policy.

Violation= dismissal
No other option
Below Average

Violation= dismissal
No other option

Student Non-Compliant with electronic devices policy resulting in dismissal of student from clinical portion of program.

Final Clinical Rubric (day 5)
Student non-compliant with electronic devices policy resulting in dismissal.
Work ethic

Assignment completed, focused, professional behavior. Student will seek out opportunities to learn and safely assist residents and staff. Student will not have idle time except during specified breaks set by instructor.


All components met.

Student observed/reported not staying on task once, but corrected behavior after being notified by instructor
-OR- incompletion of 1 assigned duty.
Below Average

Student observed/reported not staying on task more than once - or- 2 assigned duties found incomplete..

Consistent poor work ethic/not staying on task/duties not completed.

Final Clinical Rubric (day 5) Poor work ethic observed by instructor or facility staff on more than one occasion with or without self correcting behavior after notification.
Demonstrate professional behavior

Behavior is professional, use of manners, addresses staff and residents by name. good communication skills, positive attitude


All components of professional behavior are met.

1 component missing.
Below Average

Multiple components missing.

Unprofessional behavior, lack of communication skills, and/or poor attitude.

Final Clinical Rubric (day 5) Unprofessional behavior/ poor attitude more than one time during clinical rotation
Compentency of skills

Patient care performed in adherence to clinical skills checklist and facility policy keeping resident safety a priority at all times


-All components met.
-Student asks for assistance when needed in order to perform skills safely.
- Student asks for clarification when needed
-student only performs assigned skills

Final Clinical Rubric (day 5) - Student met or exceeded 80% competency rate

Missing one key performance item of skill

Final Clinical Rubric (day 5) -no option
Below Average

Missing two key performance items of skill
-or- Heavily relies on classmates for assistance when performing skills-or- puts resident safety at risk by attempting to perform skill prior to being observed by instructor or competent staff.

Final Clinical Rubric (day 5) - No option

Incompetent of nurse assistant skills -or- Consistently does not perform skills and leaves procedures for partner to complete.

Final Clinical Rubric (day 5) Student did not meet 80% final competency rate.
Indirect Care Measures

Infection Control- Handwashing, cleaning of equipment, PPEs, empt linen hamper, clear meal tray
Safety- raises/lowers bed, call bell in reach, phone nearby, bed locked, w/c locked, ID ptx3, ID yourself & role, clean line of site, clean room
Rights- curtain, privacy blanket, door, state procedure, offer preferences & choices


Always on task,100% compliant with including indirect care measures in resident care.

75% compliant with including indirect care measures in resident care
Below Average

50% compliant with including meaures in resident care

25% compliant with including measures in resident care

Final Clinical Rubric (day 5) - Multiple violations on multiple days.
Communication Skills

Interacts appropriately with staff, pts instructor.Reports abnormal findings to instructor without delay.
Reports off to RN//LPN/CNA at end of shift & as needed.


Interacts appropriately with staff, pts, instructor. Reports abnormal findings to instructor without delay.
Reports off to RN/CNA at end of shift & as needed.
-Maintains communication with pt throughout care

90% time interacts appropriately with staff, resident, instructor. May report incidental abnormal findings.
Does not always express needs.
--Maintains communication with pt throughout care 90% of the time
Below Average

75% time interacts appropriately with staff, resident, classmates, instructor. Does not report any abnormal findings. Clearly not expressing needs and rarely will ask questions, even if unsure with performing task
--Maintains communication with pt throughout care 75% of the time

Interacts appropriately 50% or less of the time interaction with staff,classmates, or resident. Does not communicate needs to instructor. Does not ask questions with performing tasks if unsure.
- Does not maintain consistent communication with patient during care.

Final Clinical Rubric (day 5)- if average for first 4 days is 5pts or below.
Rules and Safety

Follows rules of Nursing facility; HIPAA
Ensures safety for resident; makes good judgements in safe handling of resident and their belongings


Follows all rules and guidelines at all times.
Students asks instuctor prior to performing task if unsure how to perform. Maintains confidentiality of resident's information per HIPAA guidelines.

One violation of safety/rule guidelines.
Below Average

Two violations of safety /rule guidelines

HIPAA Violation -or-
More than two violations of safety guidelines and rules.

Final Clinical Rubric (day 5) Any HIPAA violation - or- average of 5pts or below in 1st 4 days.

  • Nursing Assistant Daily Clinical Evaluation

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