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iRubric: Map of Jamaica Showing Parishes, Capitals and Counties rubric

iRubric: Map of Jamaica Showing Parishes, Capitals and Counties rubric

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Map of Jamaica Showing Parishes, Capitals and Counties

  Derived from rubric: Making A Map
built by rasilvera1

Rubric Code: YX9X93C
Draw a map of Jamaica Insert the parishes, capitals and the counties Be sure that your map has a title, compass and key.
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Keywords: mapping symbols, location, direction, beginning map skills
Categories: Subjects: Geography   Humanities   Math  
Types: Homework   Project   Presentation   Assignment   Writing   (Other)  
Grade Levels: K-5

Powered by iRubric Criterion
  Exceeding (4)
3 pts Level 4
Meeting (3)
2 pts Level 3
Approaching (2)
1 pts Level 2
Beginning (1)
0 pts Level 1
Map Elements
Exceeding (4)

Includes clearly labeled title, key, and compass.
Meeting (3)

Includes most standard map elements - most are accurate and easy to read
Approaching (2)

Missing several map elements
Beginning (1)

Missing most standard map elements
Map Key
Exceeding (4)

Contains at least 5 symbols that are represented accurately on the map - symbols are clear and easy to follow
Meeting (3)

Contains 5 symbols that are represented somewhat accurately on the map - symbols are fairly clear and somewhat easy to follow
Approaching (2)

Contains symbols that are not represented accurately on the map - symbols were difficult to read and difficult to follow
Beginning (1)

Contains no symbols - map is very messy
Visual Appeal
Exceeding (4)

Map is clean looking - labels are neat and easy to read
Meeting (3)

Map is not as clean or colorful as before - lables are fairly neat and somewhat easy to read
Approaching (2)

Labels are somewhat difficult to read - proper materials no utilized - labels somewhat difficult to read
Beginning (1)

Labels are very difficult to read. The map is messy
Map Information
Exceeding (4)

Includes all parishes capitals and counties.
Meeting (3)

Includes most parishes capitals and counties.
Approaching (2)

Missing some parishes capitals and counties.
Beginning (1)

Missing all parishes capitals and counties.

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