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iRubric: Final Project rubric

iRubric: Final Project rubric

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Final Project

  Derived from rubric: Final Project
built by kmann15

Rubric Code: YX92X37
For the final project this unit, the students are required to complete a project that they will then present to the class.
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Categories: Subjects: History  
Types: Project  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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Good Job!
Getting there...
Information is true and reliable

The information being presented is accurate for the time period being covered.
Good Job!

The information being presented is accurate for the time period with a few inconsistencies.
Getting there...

The information being presented is only accurate for some points. The majority of the final product contains incorrect information.

The information being presented is not accurate on any points. None of the information in the final product is relevant to the topic.
Sources used are reliable and cited for verification

The sources used to access the information are cited correctly and are reliable. Resources were well integrated and were all relevant and important.
Good Job!

The sources used to access the information may have a few citing mistakes but are still reliable. The sources may have some information that is not completely relevant to the content.
Getting there...

The sources used are not cited correctly except for a few and many are not reliable. A low level of information taken from the sources is relevant to the topic.

None of the sources are cited correctly and are not reliable. The information provided using the sources is not relevant to the topic.
Time given in class is used responsibly and wisely

Used time very well and turned in the final project on time. Class time was used effectively with little to no off-task behaviour.
Good Job!

Each portion of the final product was turned in on time. There were a few instances of off-task behaviour, but in general time was fairly well managed.
Getting there...

Had to be monitored during work time so that final product would not be impacted. Struggled at the end to finish and turn in the final product on time.

Misused all work time given in class and did not turn in any portions of the final product when asked to. Product was not completed on time.
Will present final product to the class with a brief overview of the information

The presentation is engaging and creative. The final product functions correctly and presentation was engaging, creative, and flowed smoothly.
Good Job!

The presentation is engaging and creative. The final product functions correctly with a few hiccups, but overall the presentation flowed nicely.
Getting there...

The presentation is creative but could be more engaging with the audience. The final product needs modification so that the information is clear and engaging.

The student did not present their final product. The product itself was full of incorrect information and poorly made.
Student put their own ideas and spin on the product

The final product was creative and original from the examples shown in class. Clearly demonstrated that effort was made in designing the final project.
Good Job!

The final product was creative and followed the outline of an example but the organization of information was original and interesting.
Getting there...

The final product closely resembled one of the examples shown in class. The information included was original but the layout and look matched the example.

The final product was a copy of an example shown in class. The layout and information presented were copied exactly

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