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iRubric: Drama Rubric

iRubric: Drama Rubric

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Drama Rubric

  Derived from rubric: Drama Rubric
built by Jordan_Cael

Rubric Code: Y3354C
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Keywords: drama, theatre
Categories: Subjects: Arts and Design   English   (General)  
Types: Presentation   (Other)  
Grade Levels:

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J. Ferrarone
4 pts Great effort.
Understands concepts and terms.
Makes application.
3 pts Solid effort.
Needs Improvement
2 pts Occasional solid effort.
1 pts Minimal, if any, effort.
Warm- Ups
Participates in vocal and physical warm-up every class.

Participates fully in every warm-up. Is motivated and focused.Vocal skills and posture are improving.

Participates fully in warm-up most of the time. Gets distracted or loses focus occasionally.
Needs Improvement

Does not put much effort into warm-up. Is making slight improvements in voice and posture.

Brings a negative energy to the warm-up. Does not produce any effort. Little to no improvement on vocals and posture.
Comes to class ready to work. (lines memorized, notes incorporated, etc.)

Reads scripts, memorizes lines, and incorporates notes from each class. Puts effort into work outside of class. Uses props and costumes, as needed. Is dependable for partners.

Reads scripts and memorizes lines, but does not incorporate notes. Little effort put into work outside of class, but needs more. rarely brings in props and costumes. Is usually dependable for partners.
Needs Improvement

Learned some of the lines from the script, but does not put substantial effort into performance. Does not use props or costumes. Partner cannot regularly depend on them to be prepared.

Does not perform script. Has not memorized lines. Is not dependable and lets partners down frequently. Does not speak to me outside of class about reasons for lack of preparation. Makes excuses "after the fact". (stage fright, etc.)
Incorporation of Voice and Speech
Uses projection, enunciation, etc successfully

Can be heard and understood by audience in the classroom. Makes vocal adjustments when performing on stage. Uses warm-up exercises to better their vocal skills.

Can be heard and understood by audience in the classroom most of the time. Makes vocal adjustments when performing on stage most of the time. Uses warm-up exercises to better their vocal skills most of the time.
Needs Improvement

Is hard to understand in the classroom and on stage. Has not made very much improvement since the beginning of the year. Does not seem to use the vocal techniques we have learned in class to their benefit.

Cannot be heard or understood and makes no real effort to get better.
Character Development
Demonstrates growth in playing their character. Does not stay the same from performance to performance.

Successfully uses the concepts we have learned in class to enhance their performance.

Successfully uses the concepts we have learned in class to enhance their performance most of the time.
Needs Improvement

Occasionally uses the concepts we have learned in class to enhance their performance.

Does not use the concepts we have learned/ explored in class to enhance their performance. Does not seek extra help to ensure understanding.
Audience/Backstage participation
Is an active audience member when not on stage. Gives constructive feedback. Participates in backstage duties.

Listens attentively when not on stage. Gives appropriate feedback. Stays supportive to all classmates. Takes on back-stage responsibilities as needed. Is a team player.

Listens attentively most of the time. Provides constructive feedback most of the time. Takes on backstage responsibility sometimes.
Needs Improvement

Listens attentively some of the time. Provides some constructive feedback. Takes on backstage responsibility sometimes.

Was disruptive or disinterested during classmates' performances. Takes on no extra responsibilities. Is not a team player.
Completes homework assignment fully and on-time.

Completes all homework assignments fully and on-time.

Completes homework assignments most of the time.
Needs Improvement

Turns in homework assignments late or incomplete.

Regularly fails to do homework. Does not speak with me about making up missed work.
Tries their best. Shows a strong effort.

Shows a strong effort and does their best. Is prepared (has studied, lines memorized, props, costumes, music, set pieces, etc.) Shows a solid understanding of the concepts and terms we have learned in class.

Shows improvement and preparation, but does not go above-and-beyond by using props, sound, costume, etc. Displays knowledge of terms and concepts we have used in class.
Needs Improvement

Does not show much effort. Mediocre preparation. Lines are fully memorized, but not much else. Does not apply terms and concepts explored in class.

Is not prepared to perform or present. Has not spoken with me outside of class regarding their reasons for poor preparation.
Class Projects
Participates fully in non-performance projects.

Works diligently in and out of class on non-performance projects. Takes leadership roles in group work, through positive example.

Completes work on non-performance projects both in and out of class, but is not very self-motivated.
Needs Improvement

Does in-class work, but fails to complete outside reading/ research. Lets others lead.

Does not do work in class.
Does not complete homework assignments. Not a team player and does not contribute to group work.

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