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iRubric: Answering Short Answer Test Questions rubric

iRubric: Answering Short Answer Test Questions rubric

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Answering Short Answer Test Questions 
Students will provide concise answers to content-based questions about the lesson. They will follow the format provided and use examples for support.
Rubric Code: X229AX8
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Subject: Psychology  
Type: Homework  
Grade Levels: (none)

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  keep trying, don't give up

1 pts

good work, keep at it

2 pts

nice job, what I expect

3 pts

excellent job, :-) perfect

4 pts

Ideas and Content

keep trying, don't give up

There is no clear or specific explanation in answer to the question.
good work, keep at it

You put thought into this, but there is no real evidence of learning. More specific information is needed or you need to follow the directions more closely.
nice job, what I expect

What you are writing about is clear. You answered the question. Some support may be lacking, or your sentences may be a bit awkward. Overall, a decent job.
excellent job, :-) perfect

What you are writing about is clear and well-expressed, including specific examples to demonstrate what you learned in the lesson. Well done!
Use of terms

keep trying, don't give up

No terms from the lesson are used.
good work, keep at it

Only one term from the lesson is used in the answer. Try for a few more, next time.
nice job, what I expect

Your answer included several terms from the lesson, demonstrating adequate understanding of the material.
excellent job, :-) perfect

Your answer included all the terms from the lesson that applied to the question asked. you really showed off what you learned.
Sentence Fluency

keep trying, don't give up

Sentences are incomplete or too long. It makes reading them difficult.
good work, keep at it

Some sentences are complete and easy to undersand. Others require some work.
nice job, what I expect

Sentences are complete and able to be understood.
excellent job, :-) perfect

Senteces are complete and they connect to one another easily when they are read out loud. Your writing 'flows.'

keep trying, don't give up

Few end marks or capital letters. Answers contain numerous spelling or structural errors.
good work, keep at it

Mistakes using end marks or capitals as well as spelling mistakes make the writing hard to read.
nice job, what I expect

Use of punctuation marks and capitals, as well as spelling, is mostly correct. Few errors exist in your answer. You are learning to write better with each try.
excellent job, :-) perfect

No punctuation or structural mistakes. No spelling errors. Your writing shows full awareness of the rules of English use.

  • Explanatory, procedural

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