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iRubric: 'La Théorie du Genre' Voice Over Presentation rubric

iRubric: 'La Théorie du Genre' Voice Over Presentation rubric

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'La Théorie du Genre' Voice Over Presentation 
You are to create a voice over using a section of the transcript for the podcast episode 'La Théorie du Genre'. You will be doing this voice over (narration) for the Google Slide presentation of images that complement what you are saying.
Rubric Code: V22XW45
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Subject: Foreign Languages  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  Tu n'y es pas.

4 pts

Un peu plus d'effort

8 pts

Tu y es presque.

16 pts


20 pts

Execution and pacing

Tu n'y es pas.

Did not speak for lines to be clear and understandable, and very little (if any) effort was put into reading. Read painfully slow, to the point of not being able to follow the topic
Un peu plus d'effort

Some effort was made to clearly read the lines, and the pacing was not too slow, but more effort was needed to keep the audience connected
Tu y es presque.

Most of the lines are clear and understandable, and it is clear they were well rehearsed; good pacing was used to keep the audience involved..did not rush

Virtually all lines were clear and understandable, and excellent effort was put into executing the reading; excellent pacing, as it was not too slow, and certainly not too fast. Could follow with such ease
Complementing images

Tu n'y es pas.

Images had very little to do with what was being voiced. Unclear of how they connected to topic.
Un peu plus d'effort

A few of the images used complemented subject being spoken about
Tu y es presque.

Most of the images complemented what was being spoken about, and it was easy to see their connection to topic

All images were clearly connected to topic, which made it quite easy to follow along.
Authenticity of read

Tu n'y es pas.

Read with a very dull voice, and very little attempt was made to sound as if this was a topic worth listening to
Un peu plus d'effort

Some effort was made to sound interested, but it still lacked a varying tone
Tu y es presque.

Decent effort was put into reading with interest, which translated well to audience

A tremendous amount of effort was put into sounding authentically interested, and intonation was varying, making it easy to listen to what was being said

Tu n'y es pas.

Very little effort made to properly pronounce words. Did not bother to look up pronunciation of more difficult words, before recording. Hard for audience to understand what was being said
Un peu plus d'effort

Some effort was made to pronounce at least half of the words read, which allowed audience to understand with relative ease
Tu y es presque.

Good attempt at pronouncing the majority of the words, which made understanding easy.

A lot of effort was put into pronouncing all, if not 95% of the words quite well. A pleasure to listen to, as it was very easy to follow what was being said

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