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iRubric: Nursing Oral Presentation with Power Point rubric

iRubric: Nursing Oral Presentation with Power Point rubric

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Nursing Oral Presentation with Power Point 
Rubric Code: UXA42CA
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Subject: Nursing  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: Undergraduate

Powered by iRubric Nursing Oral Presentation with PPT
  Needs Improved

1 pts


2 pts


3 pts

Above Average

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5 pts

Organization of Presentation

Needs Improved

-Information is not organized and not related to purpose of speech with no objectives met
-Talk disorganized with no depth

-Thoughts need organized. Some information related to purpose with rare objectives met
-Talk with insufficient depth and difficult to follow

-Logical organization of ideas with most information related to purpose with occasional objectives met
-Talk with some points covered but can be confusing at times
Above Average

-Well organized material with information relating to purpose and meets most objectives
-Talking points covered sufficiently with organization noted

-Thoughts well described and completely organized in presentation with all information relating to purpose and meets all objectives
-All taking points reviewed and explained thoroughly with complete organization of subject material noted

Needs Improved

-Lacks content
-Slides poorly constructed leading to confusion regarding subject with too many words, illegible due to font being small, visuals too large with extreme color fluctuation
-Information presented does not supported purpose

-Missing many details
-Some slides with poor construct, too many words, font not legible occasionally, visuals larger than should be with distracting colors
-Information presented minimally describes purpose

-Good content
-Slides mostly legible with good font and construct, visuals appropriate, occasional use of distracting color
-Information presented meets purpose but suffers from lack of depth in subject
Above Average

-Great content
-Slides legible with appropriate font and visual size, colors non-distracting
-Information presented covers all intended purposes and presents a knowledge of subject

-Excellent rich content with interesting details
-Slides always legible with great font size, legible at all times with non-distracting color and enhanced graphics for presentation
-Information presented covers subject entirely with an in-depth knowledge of subject and purpose presented
Verbal Skills/Grammar

Needs Improved

-Difficult to understand
-No eye contact with audience
-Extreme anxiety leading to disruptive presentation
-No excitement or possible negativity noted for presentation

-Many errors noted during presentation
-Occasional eye contact to one area of room with no audience contact
-Moderately anxious with occasional disruptions to presentation
-Monotone with no voice inflection

-Correct grammar noted
-Eye contact with minimal members of audience with no scanning of room
-Occasionally anxious in appearance with minimal disruptions to presentation
-Able to hear presentation with occasional voice inflection changes noted
Above Average

-Free from grammatical and spelling errors in power point
-Eye contact with several audience members with occasional scan of room
-Seems at ease with no visible anxiety in appearance
-Good tone and inflections noted throughout presentation

-Flawless grammar and without mechanical error
-Continual eye contact with audience and visually scans room
-Anxiety free with animated interaction with audience and completely at ease during presentation
-Excitement with great voice inflection noted towards information presented


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