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iRubric: Drama Playbill rubric

iRubric: Drama Playbill rubric

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Drama Playbill 
Students create a Playbill for their drama production.
Rubric Code: U2WAWCB
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Subject: English  
Type: Assignment  
Grade Levels: K-5

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  Not Yet Meets Expectations

1 pts

Minimally Meets Expectations

2 pts

Fully Meets Expectations

3 pts

Exceeds Expectations

4 pts

Playbill: Required Information

Not Yet Meets Expectations

Includes some accurate required information.
Minimally Meets Expectations

Accurately includes most required information.
Fully Meets Expectations

Accurately includes all required information.
Exceeds Expectations

Accurately includes all required information with additional elements.
Playbill: Design

Not Yet Meets Expectations

Information is disorganized. Illustration either does not match the play. Contains six to ten spelling or grammar errors.
Minimally Meets Expectations

Information is somewhat neatly organized. Uses provided template. Includes one original or creative illustration/ picture/ or decoration, but it lacks neatness or does not match the play. Contains three to five spelling or grammar errors.
Fully Meets Expectations

Information is neatly organized. Uses template, but may change layout slightly. Includes at least one quality original or creative illustration/ picture/ decoration that matches the play. No more than two spelling or grammar errors.
Exceeds Expectations

Information is neatly and creatively organized. Uses own layout design. Includes several high quality pieces of original or creative illustrations /pictures/decorations that match the play and the promotional material. Spelling and grammar is flawless.

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