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iRubric: Evaluation of Web 2.0 Tools rubric

iRubric: Evaluation of Web 2.0 Tools rubric

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Evaluation of Web 2.0 Tools 
Rubric Code: U22XWWA
Ready to use
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Subject: Education  
Type: (Other)  
Grade Levels: (none)

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  Ineffective Use

1 pts

Possible Use

2 pts

Must Use

3 pts

Instructional Goals met with Tool

Ineffective Use

Instructional goals are might be met by implementation of Web 2.0 Tool.
Possible Use

Instructional goals are mostly met by implementation of Web 2.0 Tool.
Must Use

Instructional goals are fully met by implementation of Web 2.0 Tool.
User-friendly Design

Ineffective Use

Site is difficult to navigate, little or no help is provided, tools and resources are difficult to make use of.
Possible Use

Site can be navigated with minimal difficulty, help guides/tutorials are available, tools and resources can be implemented.
Must Use

Site is easy to navigate, help guides/tutorials available and clear, tools and features are conveniently located.

Ineffective Use

Site is unpredictable, navigation between pages is inconsistent.
Possible Use

Site is rarely down for maintenance, navigation between pages is slow but predictable.
Must Use

Site is always available (especially at peak times of the day). Navigation is between pages in quick.
Free/Paid Resource

Ineffective Use

Limited free resources, paid subscription price is unreasonable for the benefit of the tools.
Possible Use

Most of the tools are free, desired tools require paid subscription although other comparable sites might be available.
Must Use

Desired tools are available for free, or fee is reasonable and worth the advantage of the tools.
Tour/Screenshots Available

Ineffective Use

Essential information is not provided, registration required to evaluate is site is worthwhile.
Possible Use

Feature list, screenshots available but lacking information.
Must Use

Full feature list, screenshots, samples, and tour available before account registration is required.
External Links

Ineffective Use

Links do not seem to work or hold relevance to the topic.
Possible Use

All links are working but relevance is not apparent.
Must Use

All links to pages are in working order and relevant to material.
Contact Information

Ineffective Use

No contact information is provided.
Possible Use

Contact information is available but not complete.
Must Use

Complete information on how to contact owner/company is available and easy to find.

Ineffective Use

Site is out-of-date, and many parts of site are not functional.
Possible Use

Site is in working order, although there may be a lapse in time since last update, update information is unavailable, or not current.
Must Use

Site is well maintained, recently updates, and information is current and up-to-date.

Ineffective Use

Site apparently has little or no recognition outside of owner/company.
Possible Use

Site claims to have received awards although information is vague.
Must Use

Site has received multiple awards (specifically educational awards). Information regarding awards is available on the site.



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