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iRubric: Group Presentation rubric

iRubric: Group Presentation rubric

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Use the Rubric to help with your presentation, the presentation is worth 2/8 of the exam grade. The lesson is worth 5/8, presentation 2/8, and grade on the assessment questions for each unit 1/8
Rubric Code: T23W5WA
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Subject: Education  
Type: Assignment  
Grade Levels: Undergraduate, Graduate

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  Barely meets Requirements

1 pts

Meets Requirements

2 pts

Exceeds Requirements

3 pts

Project Content

Barely meets Requirements

Minimal information is included, some information is not relevant to outcomes, content is not well structured, content is somewhat incoherent.
Meets Requirements
Exceeds Requirements

Subject specific information is included, information is relevant to outcomes, content is structured in a coherent manner.
Critical Analysis

Barely meets Requirements

Insufficient amount of evidence, misinterpreted information. Limited evidence is used to support each point.
Meets Requirements

There is an appropriate and adequate amount of evidence. Each point is mainly addressed.
Exceeds Requirements

Strong and adequate evidence is used to support each point.

Barely meets Requirements

Relies heavily on written notes, seldom makes eye contact, voice is low and mumbled.
Meets Requirements

Speaks with enthusiasm, makes eye contact regularly, good articulation, clarity, and voice projection.
Exceeds Requirements

Extremely confident delivery style, excellent audience engagement, superb public speaking skills.

Barely meets Requirements

Poor time management, unequal group member contribution, disorganized transitions between presenters.
Meets Requirements

Good time management, equal group member contributions, smooth transition between group members.
Exceeds Requirements

Excellent coordination between group members, excellent flow during transitions.

Barely meets Requirements

Poor collaboration with group members, lack of participation in group planning meetings, lack of accountability to the group.
Meets Requirements

Regarded as working well with others, regular participation in group planning meetings, accountable to other members of the group.
Exceeds Requirements

Showed initiative and leadership skills by organizing and coordinating other group members.

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