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iRubric: Observational Assessment rubric

iRubric: Observational Assessment rubric

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Observational Assessment

  Derived from rubric: Observational Assessment
built by Terryk

Rubric Code: RX9X49A
To be used during small group work to assess students behavior and participation with in their group
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Keywords: Group work assessment
Categories: Subjects: Biology  
Types: Assessment  
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12

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Working with teammates
Student is working cooperatively within their group

Student is not talking with their group members

Student may be talking with members of another group on a topic not related to class (i.e. in a non-collaborative fashion)

Student is listening to members of their team but not contributing their own ideas OR Student is overpowering the group not allowing others to share their ideas

Student is not engaging other groups and is staying focused on their group

Student is actively contributing to the group sharing ideas and thoughts

Student is not overpowering the group but is encouraging or soliciting team members ideas

Student is not engaging other groups and is staying focused on their group
Student is using appropriate behaviors within their group and in interactions with the teacher or other groups

Student is interrupting teammates while they are talking

Student is actively engaging other groups, either poking other students, talking to them, or in other ways distracting them from the task they should be working on.

Student is not raising their hand and is loudly requesting assistance

Student is working within their group and is not distracting other students

Student is not raising their hand for assistance but is asking politely by either approaching the teacher or simply asking quietly when the teacher is near

Student is not distracting other students

Student is raising their hand and remains in their seat when assistance is needed, they are waiting patiently for the teacher to arrive
Working Efficiently
Student is staying on task and focused during directions

Student/group is consistently far behind other groups, finishing last and not completing work

Student is needing to ask multiple clarification questions on material already gone over

Student is progressing at a fairly decent speed, they are staying on task and working, may not be the first groups done but still working well

Students may need to ask one or two clarification questions for instructions, depending on length of directions, but for the most part is working well with little teacher direction needed

Student is part of a group that is finishing up quickly and staying on task.

Students do not need to ask for any help on instructions that were given. They are able to complete the project/assignment on their own. Any questions they ask are related to content and not instruction

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