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iRubric: Snare Drum Rudiments rubric

iRubric: Snare Drum Rudiments rubric

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Snare Drum Rudiments

  Derived from rubric: Snare Drum Rudiments
built by Johnsonry070255

Rubric Code: QX9WC9W
Evaluation of snare rudiments
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Keywords: Drum Rudiments
Categories: Subjects: Music  
Types: Presentation   Quiz  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  Clear Excellence
10 pts
8 pts
6 pts
Needs Improvement
4 pts
Hand Position
Standing with palms facing floor, first finger and thumb forming fulcrum with other fingers lightly touching stick
Clear Excellence

Playing position is correct and hand & finger position are correct to allow for good technical facility.

Hand and finger position are good but the grip is too tight or loose for good stick/mallet control. Rolls may be uneven

Playing position is good but there are minor errors in hand or finger position.
Needs Improvement

Some effort is being made to hold the sticks/mallets correctly but performance is hindered because finger position is incorrect or<BR>
sticks are not held at the balance point.
Playing motion
Stick move up and down with wrist motion and very minimal arm.
Clear Excellence

The playing motion is correct, allowing for good control of the stick and good sound from the instrument.

There are some faults in the pattern or direction of the stick motion. (Starting out with an upward rather than a downward motion or poor control of where the stick strikes.)

The playing motion is generally correct with only minor errors.
Needs Improvement

Sticks/mallets are too far off the playing surface or remain on the playing surface too long, resulting in a poor quality sound.
Accurate Rhythm
Rhythms and rolls are accurately counted with a steady beat.
Clear Excellence

Steady pulse with accurate rhythms

Pulse is fairly steady but there are frequent or repeated small rhythmic errors.

Steady pulse with few rhythmic errors
Needs Improvement

Pulse is unstable with major rhythmic errors.
Ornaments, accents, rolls
Rolls, accents, ruffs, flams are performed where indicated
Clear Excellence

The student demonstrates consistent use of accents, flams, drags, diddles or rolls in rudiments

The student demonstrates most an understanding of the use of accents, flams, drags, diddles or rolls in rudiments, with some faults.

The student demonstrates inconsistent use or performance of accents, flams, drags, diddles or rolls in rudiments with some attempts to correct mistakes.
Needs Improvement

The student demonstrates little understanding of how to perform accents, flams, drags, diddles or rolls in rudiments
Correct sticking is used for each rudiment as indicated.
Clear Excellence

Students demonstrates consistently the use of alternate sticking or diddle sticking where indicated in rudiments

Students demonstrates control of most of the alternate sticking or diddle sticking where indicated in rudiments.

Students demonstrates inconsistentl use of alternate sticking or diddle sticking where indicated in rudiments
Needs Improvement

Students demonstrates little understanding of sticking as it applies to rudiments used.

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