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iRubric: Interpersonal skills rubric

iRubric: Interpersonal skills rubric

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Interpersonal skills

  Derived from rubric: Interpersonal skills
built by mroon1

Rubric Code: Q2W3B34
Students demonstrate positive interpersonal skills and reflects on the impact of interpersonal skills on personal success in the camp setting.
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Categories: Subjects: Arts and Design   Communication  
Types: Project   (Other)  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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  Exceeds standards
4 pts
Meets standards
3 pts
Partially meets
2 pts
Does not meet
1 pts
Exceeds standards

Student goes out of their way to be helpful and polite to others. Shows genuine respect for individual differences and demonstrates exceptional teamwork. Always uses appropriate and inoffensive language and begins topic related conversations. Always listens attentively and respectively to instructions.
Meets standards

Student is helpful and polite. Student demonstrates respect for individual differences and is cooperative. Student uses expected and inoffensive language in conversations. Student listens respectfully and quietly to instruction.
Partially meets

Student is sometimes impolite to others. Student uses language that disrepects or offends others in the room at times. Does not always work cooperatively with teacher and others. Often needs reminders to listen quietly and attentively to instruction.
Does not meet

Student is often rude when interacting with others. Student consistently needs to be reminded to use appropriate and less offensive language. Student shows a lack of respect for self and others and/ or disrespect for teacher during instruction.
Exceeds standards

Student shows strengths in conflict resolution, accepts, gives, and uses constructive feedback well. Accepts total responsibility for personal behavior and acts in an ethical manner.
Meets standards

Student resolves conflicts as expected, gives, accepts, and uses constructive feedback. Accepts responsibility for personal behavior.
Partially meets

Student has trouble resolving conflict or accepting, giving constructive feedback. Student often does not accept responsibility for own behavior and blames others.
Does not meet

Student does not respond in an expected way to conflict and has trouble handling emotions. Student often blames others and doesn't reflect on own behaviors.
Work Productivity
Exceeds standards

Student is efficient, manages time well, and applies best effort to all tasks and seeks out further tasks to improve skills.
Meets standards

Student manages class time well and demonstrates good effort on all tasks.
Partially meets

Student does not manage class time efficiently and therefore does not make adequate progress on tasks.
Does not meet

Student avoids work and responsibility of tasks and wastes class time and does not make adequate progress.

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