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iRubric: Basketball Tryout Rubric

iRubric: Basketball Tryout Rubric

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Basketball Tryout Rubric
Basketball- students will dribble the ball with both hands, students will shoot the basketball, students will perform lay ups, students will show competency during a game situation.
Rubric Code: Q2W2829
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Type: Assessment  
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12

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25 %

Needs improvement

Student cannot dribble the basketball with control while moving<BR>
-Dribbles with palm of hand<BR>
-Rigid stance, knees not bent.

Student can dribble the basketball while moving<BR>
-Does not have good control<BR>
-Cannot dribble with head up<BR>
-Sometimes dribbles with finger pads

Student can dribble the basketball with good control and proper positioning<BR>
-Student dribbles with head up<BR>
-Student dribbles with finger pads, knees bent<BR>
-Student can change directions while dribbling.

Student dribbles with good control, proper positioning, and can change speeds and directions fluidly<BR>
--Student dribbles with head up<BR>
-Student dribbles with finger pads, knees bent<BR>
-Student can change directions while dribbling.<BR>
-Fluidly moves and changes direction with the ball
Total Score

10 %

Needs improvement

-Student cannot shoot the ball successfully or consistently. <BR>
-Student does not follow through.<BR>
-Student has poor footwork and mechanics issues.

Student can sometimes shoot the ball successfully. <BR>
-Student sometimes follows through.<BR>
-Student may have poor footwork or mechanics but can still occasionally make shots.

Student shoots the ball with some consistency<BR>
-Student follows through.<BR>
-Student is usually missing in a few spots (long and short or short and right etc.).

Student shoots the ball with consistency<BR>
-Student always follows through<BR>
-Student is usually making shots, but on misses, tends to miss in the same location<BR>
-Shoulders and feet get squared to the rim before releasing ball
Total Score

15 %

Needs improvement

-Student cannot pass the ball successfully<BR>
-Student does not follow through on pass<BR>
-Student cannot get the pass to teammates<BR>
-student does not call out name before passing.

-Student can sometimes pass the ball successfully<BR>
-Student sometimes follows through the pass<BR>
-Student sometimes calls out name before passing<BR>
-Passes don't typically have a lot of velocity, or have too much

Student passes the ball correctly <BR>
-Student follows through on pass<BR>
-Student usually completes the pass to a teammate and will occasionally miss in a few directions (high or low, or wide right or left)<BR>
-Student usually makes sure their teammate is ready for the pass<BR>
-Passes sometimes are too soft or too hard

Student completes passes with great touch and consistency<BR>
-Student will always call out name of teammates before passing<BR>
-Student will always follow through
Total Score

10 %

Needs improvement

-Student cannot demonstrate a proper lay-up.<BR>
-Has difficulty performing the proper 2 step approach after most attempts.<BR>
-Loses control of the ball before going up<BR>
-Never uses weak hand on layup attempts on weak side

-Student can sometimes demonstrate proper lay-ups.<BR>
-Can occasionally perform proper 2 step approach.<BR>
-Scoring lay-ups is inconsistent <BR>
-Student sometimes uses weak hand on attempts on weak side

-Student demonstrates proper lay-ups<BR>
-Student uses correct 2 step approach.<BR>
-Student usually uses proper hand on the proper side<BR>
-Student can place ball near top corner of the square on most attempts.

-Student can use a 2 step, jump stop, or dynamic footwork approach at the rim to finish layups<BR>
-Student always uses the glass to finish layups<BR>
-Student usually makes layup attempts<BR>
-Student can control and manipulate the ball in the air to finish the layup.
Total Score

Game Play
5 %

Needs improvement

Student does not follow the rules of basketball.<BR>
-Student argues with other players.<BR>
-Student has little understanding of positioning and game play<BR>
-Student often is not involved in the play

Student sometimes follows the rules of basketball. <BR>
-Student does not always show proper defensive or offensive skills<BR>
-Student is sometimes not involved in the play<BR>
-Student is sometimes in position to make proper plays.

Student consistently follows the rules of basketball. <BR>
-Student is a team player.<BR>
-Student has good understanding of offensive and defensive play<BR>
-Student is always involved in the game<BR>
-Student is usually in position to make a play or decision that keeps the offense or defense flowing<BR>

-Student can not only follow the rules of the game, but can communicate with teammates and keep them involved in game play<BR>
-Student can take advantage of defensive decisions and predict offenses<BR>
-Student is involved and at times directing game play.
Total Score

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