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iRubric: Constitutional Debate rubric

iRubric: Constitutional Debate rubric

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Constitutional Debate 
As the ratification battle raged in early 1788, three distinct positions emerged. This debate is the culmination of the compromise between these three distinct positions.
Rubric Code: PXWA225
Public Rubric
Subject: History  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  Potato Ice Cream

10 pts

Frozen Yogurt

15 pts

Mexican Vanilla

20 pts

Nutella Gelato

25 pts


Potato Ice Cream

You did not actively participate in the debate. At all. You sat there breathing oxygen.
Frozen Yogurt

You made minimal comments (1-3) and sat back, allowing other to carry the burden of the debate. Minimal engagement.
Mexican Vanilla

You made some comments throughout the debate and helped guide your team when necessary. You were an active participant through the discussion.
Nutella Gelato

You made several comments throughout the debate and acted as a leader for your group. Your participation made your debate more dynamic and engaging.
Quality of Argument

Potato Ice Cream

You contributed 0 comments to the debate.
Frozen Yogurt

Your minimal comments were not complex in depth, were irrelevant to the argument at hand, or did not further your group's position.
Mexican Vanilla

Your comments throughout the debate were for the most part relevant and helped advance your group's position.
Nutella Gelato

You made unique and through-provoking comments. Your arguments were based on specific evidence from the reading or other resource. You were active in taking your team to victory!
Quality of Rebuttal

Potato Ice Cream

You made no rebuttal statements.
Frozen Yogurt

You superficially responded to arguments, but your rebuttal did not appropriately attack your opponent's position.
Mexican Vanilla

You responded to comments with appropriate evidence or analysis. You accurately identified a weakness or plausible alternative in your opponent's case.
Nutella Gelato

You creatively responded to arguments & evidence presented by the other group. You identified weaknesses in the other teams' case & exploited those weaknesses to the death!
Opening/Closing Statements

Potato Ice Cream

You did not contribute to the creation of either statement.
Frozen Yogurt

You minimally contributed to the creation of either statement.
Mexican Vanilla

You helped contribute to the creation of the opening and closing statement.
Nutella Gelato

Your group constructed a unique opening and closing statement and you played a central role in that process.

  • Debate, Constitution, US History, early America


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