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iRubric: Bar  Graph Rubric

iRubric: Bar Graph Rubric

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Bar Graph Rubric

  Derived from rubric: Bar Graph Rubric
built by DDeloughry

Rubric Code: PX9XCA7
Make a bar graph with one bar for the yes votes and one bar for the no votes for each class. The bar graph represents the yes and no votes on whether we will have an early Spring. The bars represent classes at Spring Valley Elementary. You must include a title, a scale and all axis's labelled. You must color them correctly & represent your data correctly. On one graph make a scale in which one square equals 5 votes.
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Categories: Subjects: Math  
Types: Assignment  
Grade Levels: K-5

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  Needs more work
1 pts
Almost there
2 pts
Great job
3 pts
Needs more work

Graph does not have a title.
Almost there

Graph has title, but it does not correspond with what the graph shows.
Great job

This graph has an appropriate title.
Needs more work

Graph has no labels on the x or y axis.
Almost there

Graph has one label...either on the x or on the y axis or both are labeled but the labels are incorrect.
Great job

Graph has the correct labels on both the x and y axis.
Intervals and Information
Needs more work

Graph does not have an appropriate scale.
Almost there

Graph has an appropriate scale, but it does not show the information well.
Great job

Graph has an appropriate scale and displays all information accurately.
Needs more work

Graph has no color and is not well presented.
Almost there

Graph looks like some effort was put into it, has some color, but could be better presented.
Great job

Graph looks neat. Effort was put into making it and has color.
Needs more work

The information displayed on the graph is incorrect.
Almost there

Most of the information displayed on the graph is incorrect.
Great job

All of the information displayed on the graph is correct.
Needs more work

No reflection was included, or there is incorrect information.
Almost there

There is a reflection, but it does not reflect an understanding of the experiment.
Great job

All of the data is included and it shows a clear understanding of the results of the experiment.

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