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iRubric: RJ Synthesis Essay rubric

iRubric: RJ Synthesis Essay rubric

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RJ Synthesis Essay 
Research Paper
Rubric Code: MXA637W
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Subject: English  
Type: Writing  
Grade Levels: (none)

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  Meets Standards

14.3 pts

Does Not Meet Standards

12 pts


10 pts

Thesis Statement

Meets Standards

Thesis is clear and found at the beginning of the opening or first paragraph. Thesis presents a clear topic for the rest of the paper.
Does Not Meet Standards

Thesis is present and in the proper place. Thesis expresses the main topic, however it is not as strong as it could be. There does not fully express the main topic.

No obvious thesis or main idea is stated.
MLA Format

Meets Standards

Each reference is properly cited both within the text and in the Works Cited portion of the essay.
Does Not Meet Standards

Some references are properly cited both within the text or partially cited. WorksCited follows some of the rules of MLA format.

MLA formatting is incorrect.
Analysis and Summary

Meets Standards

Each source is summarized and analyzed thoroughly.
Does Not Meet Standards

The submission is lacking either in the number of sources summarized and analyzed or the summaries and analysis are lacking for one or more source.

There is inadequate analysis or summary of the sources in this submission.

Meets Standards

Original thought and synthesis, based on the analysis of the sources in clearly apparent and well developed.
Does Not Meet Standards

The submission is lacking in original thought and/or synthesis.

There is inadequate synthesis included in this submission.

Meets Standards

Each paragraph flows to the next paragraph. Paragraphs follow a logical order. Ideas are logically separated into paragraphs.<BR>
Each paragraph has a clear topic sentence. <BR>
Does Not Meet Standards

Some paragraphs flow to the next paragraph. Most paragraphs follow a logical order.<BR>
Some of the paragraphs have clear topic sentences while others have weak topic sentences.

Disorganized, choppy and poor sentence structure used.

Meets Standards

The thesis statement is clearly supported.<BR>
Each topic sentence is clearly supported with examples from the appropriate resource.
Does Not Meet Standards

The thesis statement is somewhat supported.<BR>
The topic sentences are supported, but the support could be stronger.

The thesis statement is not clearly addressed in the paper.<BR>
The examples used do not clearly support the topic sentences.
Grammar/ Spelling/Formatting

Meets Standards

Final draft is clearly edited. All grammar and spelling are correct, few or no mistakes are made.<BR>
Font and margin sizes are correct throughout the paper.
Does Not Meet Standards

Final draft would have benefited from another editing session. Some grammar and spelling mistakes are made.<BR>
Font size is correct, but margin size is incorrect or vice versa.

Spelling and grammar mistakes interfere with the reading and understanding of the paper.<BR>
Font and margin sizes are consistently incorrect.

  • Synthesis and Research



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