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iRubric: BODY SYSTEM Report rubric

iRubric: BODY SYSTEM Report rubric

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  Derived from rubric: CNA BODY SYSTEM PROJECT
built by athornton

Rubric Code: M8C739
This rubric is to grade student's research of a human body system, describing it's function, the main organs or body parts involved and a major diseases or illnesses associated with that system. Students will describe how this body system works with other body systems to keep a person alive and healthy. A written report is to be included with at list of at least 3 resources used, one of which must be non-internet related.
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Keywords: Body systems, diseases
Categories: Subjects: Arts and Design   Health   Science  
Types: Project  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  Poor and Unacceptable
1 pts
Below Average
2 pts
3 pts
Very Good
4 pts
5 pts
Points achieved
It is obvious that the student tried their best with this project.
Poor and Unacceptable

Student did not follow directions. The report was not thought through. Work showed little or no effort. Work was not finished or completed correctly.
Below Average

Student followed less than half of the note matrix guidelines. Work is sloppy or poorly revised and edited.

Student followed some of the directions. Report was completed, but needed improvements. More effort was needed to have a better finished project.
Very Good

Student followed most of the directions. Report was completed very well. Student worked hard and created a good finished project

Student followed all directions. Report was completed to the best of their ability. Excellent finished project.
Points achieved

This report is fun and interesting to read.
Poor and Unacceptable

There is no evidence of creativity or originality. Student is suspected of plagiarizing most of this material.
Below Average

There is little evidence of originality. Some copying directly from text is evident.

Project was completed using the author's "own words" however, there are very few sentence variations or interesting words.
Very Good

Project was completed using the author's "own words." Student used a variety of sentences and interesting words.

A variety of sentences and interesting words is used to make the writing lively and fun to read. The author's voice is clearly evident.
Points achieved

Content knowledge
*Worth double points! It is obvious that this student clearly understands the system they chose.
Poor and Unacceptable

Student showed no scientific knowledge of the body system chosen.
Below Average

Student showed minimal scientific knowledge of of the body system and how it works.

Student showed basic knowledge of the body system's parts/function, but some areas were lacking.
Very Good

Student showed a strong understanding of the parts of the system and how they function.

Student shows an excellent understanding and gives a detailed description of the system's parts and their roles in keeping the system functioning.
Points achieved

Disease Description
Complete description of a disease we did not study in class.
Poor and Unacceptable

Did not include disease or conditions associated with body system.
Below Average

Includes limited information on a disease or condition that we had already read about in class.

Does a fair job telling about a disease we did not read about in class or a good job describing a disease that we had already read about in class.
Very Good

Does a good job describing a disease or condition that we did not read about in class including its causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention.

Does an excellent job describing a disease/ condition that we did not read about in class including its causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention.
Points achieved

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